SUELLA BRAVERMAN is echoing a lot of what the Conservative Party think


SUELLA BRAVERMAN is echoing a lot of what the Conservative Party think, according to its former MP Neil Parish.

Speaking to GB News, Mr Parish said he expects the Home Secretary to ride out the current crisis engulfing her.

He said: “I think they will stand by Suella. I think that she is echoing a lot of what the party thinks and a lot of what people think in this country about having the march on Remembrance Day.

“Our Jewish community is also very worried about these marches. And I think we just really want them to stop. I think some of the language she may have used is typical of Suella. I think when she talks about a mob that’s probably overdoing it, but I think in the end, the march should not be taking place. I think there is likely to be a ceasefire, cessation of hostilities in Gaza. So I think this march is unnecessary. “
On what he thinks Rishi Sunak will do next he added: “I think we’ll find he will support her and she will carry on.”

Esther McVey, Ms Braverman’s fellow Tory MP, commented: “You know it’s ironic, isn’t it? We’re saying people have the right to protest. But what we’re saying is the Home Secretary doesn’t have the right to say these things. It seems somewhat ironic, but I think this move by Yvette Cooper, to have this urgent question, is designed to put the Home Secretary on the backfoot, as it were. Well, I think it’s great diversionary tactics, actually, from the problems Keir Starmer is having, because actually he’s got his front bench now crumbling. He’s got councillors wanting to resign. He’s now even got mosques in Preston, calling on councilors to sign a letter to call for Sir Keir Starmer to stand down. So this to me, this urgent question, is very much a diversionary tactic to what’s going on in the Labour Party. This is a major issue for them.”