Suffer With Back Pain? – Londoners Can Now Get a Free Back Therapy Session


Suffer from back pain? Free therapy is only a few clicks away for members of the public to visit the London Metropolitan University Accelerator in Shoreditch to get a free 20–40-minute back therapy session from the new AI powered robot physiotherapist, BackHug.

Recent research reveals that 88% of the UK suffers with some form of back problem and 44% of the UK workforce have taken sick leave due to back issues, those with a back problem could benefit from physiotherapy burlington.

has launched to offer genuine relief from back pain: unlike other devices on the market, BackHug’s 26 robotic fingers loosen stiff joints in the back, neck, and shoulder blades. Stiff joints are the root cause of most of the pain we experience but cannot be
treated by other devices and are too hard for human therapists to treat, making BackHug the first truly effective solution for joint stiffness and the back pain it causes.

You can control BackHug via your smartphone and the in-app physio consultations assesses your needs with over 2,000+ personalised treatment programme options.

How to Book:
To book your free session, simply download the BackHug App onto your phone, register your account, select the “Shared use” setting and search for the “Free London” BackHug device. The App will help you do the rest.
The BackHug will be at this location until January 2024, so you can reap the benefits for free to help tackle your back pain! Just show the friendly Accelerator reception staff the booking on your App and they will take you up for your BackHug session. For more information, please visit: