Surrey cat carers launch appeal for near-deaf Lily


An operation to remove the hearing canals of a cat with ear polyps has landed Surrey volunteers with a large vet bill.

Seven-year-old Lily was relinquished to Cats Protection’s East Surrey Branch in October, shortly before COVID-19 restrictions were reinstated.

Although she had been very well cared-for Lily had polyps in both ears. The growths were causing Lily discomfort and distress, so she needed a major operation to remove both hearing canals.

Branch Co-ordinator, Jacky Eyres said: “The operation went well and Lily is making a good recovery. Sadly she has been left with only minimal hearing but she’s now free of discomfort and is altogether a calmer and happier cat.”

Branch volunteers have launched an appeal to pay for the costly treatment necessary and to nurse Lily back to full health. Donations towards the £1,300 vet bill can be made at

Jacky said: “Lily’s treatment comes at a time when our reserves are lower than usual. We haven’t been able to fundraise as we normally would because of the pandemic and our charity shop is closed due to lockdown. So we’re appealing to our supporters to help fund Lily’s operation, treatment and care. Any donation big or small will really help us to care for Lily and other local cats in need.”

Brave Lily isn’t ready for adoption yet, but she will have special homing needs due to her deafness. COVID-19 restrictions prevent normal homing methods so Lily will enter the Hands-Free Homing programme and wait for an online match to be made.

Jacky said: “Lily is a sweet and friendly girl who loves to snuggle up on a lap and adores cuddles. She’ll be deaf for life but, because she couldn’t hear much before due to the growths, this shouldn’t cause her any trouble.”