Tackling a mental health epidemic: Joining the dots between construction, mental health and football


A major new survey looking at mental health and wellbeing for construction workers on site is being launched this month by Causeway Technologies, a leading construction technology provider, in partnership with Everton in the Community (EitC).

The statistics around poor mental health in construction are stark:

1 in 4 construction workers contemplate suicide
Two construction workers take their own lives every working day
Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under 45. However, male site workers are three times more likely to commit suicide than the average male in the UK

This latest initiative aims to explore views about the role that technology could play in helping to improve wellbeing on construction sites while using the power of football to open up conversations.

Trevor Steven, Everton’s legendary midfielder and now Causeway’s mental health ambassador, said:

“We want to shine a spotlight on mental health issues in construction by working with Causeway, its major contractor clients and its partners across the whole of the construction supply chain.

“We understand that there can be a stigma around mental health, and it can be hard for men to open up about their struggles. We believe that football offers a route in. It is a sport that brings people together, and we know from EitC’s previous work that club loyalty helps people to open up. If successful, we believe that this could provide a blueprint that others within sport can follow to address this issue.

Trevor added that he believes the construction industry does have the capacity to change, despite the tragic statistics:

“Just look at how much progress has been made in other areas of health and safety in the last few years. This change isn’t going to happen overnight with a single organisation – it demands a collaborative effort across the industry. We need to rally together as a whole in the name of change and that’s what we’re seeking to do with this campaign.”

Phil Brown, chief executive of Causeway, said:

“The construction industry struggles more than most with mental health issues. The stereotype is that it has a male-dominated workforce that does not ask for help when it comes to mental health.

“We feel we’re well placed as a technology provider to drive real change across the industry. We work across the entire construction supply chain and we believe that reach, and using the power of the football badge, can help us to connect the industry together and create real change.”

To take part and to enter the prize draw, go to: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ZFX67TJ
Individual responses are anonymous and kept entirely confidential.

In exchange for participation in the survey, Causeway is providing a free prize draw to win two tickets to the FA Community Shield on July 31st. To be considered for this prize entrants need to be received by 26th July 2022. The survey, and further prizes, will run through August 2022.