Teams Leading the English Premier League Pack


The English Premier League is the world’s most popular football competition and boasts some of the most skilled players of all time. Although many of these players have helped their teams reach superstardom, there is quite a disconnect between the most popular and least popular teams, with factors that don’t have everything to do with the players themselves.

For example, Manchester United is very clearly the most popular team of all time, but this rank has been achieved not just by the players within the team, now and throughout history, but also includes factors such as how many Facebook followers the team page has (73 million), how many titles they’ve won, and ticket sales to their games. You can always bank on them to play good, hard and fast ball and give a platform to promising up-and-coming players.

We break down a list of the top EPL teams, and how they got there.

Manchester United

Although Man United hasn’t won a Premier League title in many years, it still remains the most popular club in the world. They are not only the most popular online, with tens of millions of fans on all of their social media pages, but they also have an estimated 650 million supporters worldwide. That’s a pretty impressive feat! They also frequently fill up their home stadium, which has seating for 74,000 people.


Boasting 48 million fans online, an array of hugely popular players such as Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard, and 6 championship titles, Chelsea is and will likely always remain one of the top English Premier league teams in the world. Chelsea is also touted as the top club when looking at the number of supporters in European countries like Russia and Italy, showing that their popularity isn’t just confined to their home country.

Manchester City

Featuring just shy of 38 million fans online, and more success than any other EPL team in the last decade, Manchester City has very quickly become a team to be reckoned with.


Another team just shy of 38 million fans online, Arsenal has bagged an impressive 13 championship titles and doesn’t seem set on stopping there. In recent years, Arsenal has seen promising developments in new signings and have slowly been pleasing their loyal fanbases’ wavering hopes. Arsenal remains one of the top EPL teams across Europe, as well as in Chile, thanks to the arrival of Alex Sanchez – who has since left the team.


Holding 19 championship titles, the “Reds” have more than 200 supporter clubs in 50 countries around the world. Liverpool fans are fiercely loyal, and regularly pack out their home stadium for games. Many great, truly iconic players have played for the club, only adding to its worldwide popularity.

Tottenham Hotspur

The Spurs are hugely popular in the USA and Italy, sitting just behind Manchester United and Chelsea in terms of fan bases. This might be thanks to some really awesome games played in the countries over the years, as well the great players that have passed through the club.

Leicester City

Before 2015, the “Foxes” would never have made this list – that’s until they won the Premier League title and continued impressing for the rest of the season. Some countries where Leicester City are hugely popular include Algeria, Japan, and Italy.


Although they used to be much more popular, Everton still remains one of the top EPL teams. They are one of the most searched-for teams online and are also famous for being a very deeply rooted community-based club, earning them the nickname, “the people’s club.” Interestingly, Everton is also one of 12 founding members of the Football League.


Southampton has seen huge growth in recent years, with their popularity growing in countries around the world. “The Saints” are famous for nurturing and growing solid, “home grown” players. Fans tout this homeland loyalty and attractive ball skills as one of the reasons why The Saints come out tops.

Aston Villa

In addition to the club’s other merits, their home stadium, Villa Park, is often called one of the most beautiful stadiums around. Although Aston Villa is commonly known as a “sleeping giant”, fans remain loyal, and still believe the team has what it takes to rise back up to superstardom again.

Anything is possible

Although the list seems to stay the same over the years, the fan bases and popularity levels throughout the world of the clubs does seem to vary quite a bit. Regardless of which team is your favorite, you can always bank on them, whoever they are, to put on a good performance and keep you on the edge of your seat. But that being said, who knows – perhaps one day a real underdog team will make this list!