Technical Support Outsourcing to the Philippines – A Booming Industry


The Philippines has a booming business processes outsourcing industry, which has been built over the past twenty years.

Technical support outsourcing to the Philippines has become an important part of the BPO industry and for companies around the world. Contact centres make up the majority of outsourced positions.

In fact, the Philippines is the world’s leading BPO destination because of their commitment to excellence, cultural proximity to the West, and so much more.

The country is internationally recognised and trusted for their expertise. Many companies have come to rely on technical support outsourcing to the Philippines in order to keep costs minimal, provide the best services possible and ensure efficiency.

Technical support is covering a large number of tasks that are being handled by call centres.

These services often fall outside of the core competencies of companies but are incredibly important for maintaining high customer satisfaction rates.

Technical support outsourcing to the Philippines has become extremely popular because of how they have helped companies lower costs, and raise service quality.

Technology continues to evolve, which is what initially allowed outsourcing to become a plausible option for companies. Technology is helping companies become more efficient than ever before. Not only does outsourcing technical support help the company, but it is also helpful to the end customer. When a company runs efficiently and at a lower cost, the customer pays less for the product.

The Philippines contact centre industry has experienced exponential growth based on the provisioning of excellent customer care and technical support services. In the last twenty years, companies of all sizes have sprung up in the Philippines to fill the ever-growing global demand.

Piton-Global is just one of the companies demonstrating excellence through award-winning call centre and back-office services.

Technical support outsourcing to the Philippines has become a huge and much-needed industry that enterprises of all sizes benefit from. It is therefore not surprising that the Philippines is the preferred outsourcing destination for many UK-based companies.