Telemarketing Outsourcing Philippines


The UK is home to the fifth-largest economy in the world. Having the fifth largest economy may sound like living on easy street, but the UK has faced its own set of challenges and hurdles over the recent years.

Far be it for me to get involved in international politics, so let’s leave personal opinions aside and agree that Brexit has had a changing effect of the local economy. Business Insider cited volatility in the British pound to the point that it had lost 14% of its value against the US Dollar. 

Furthermore, Business Insider goes on to say that a no-deal Brexit (leaving the EU without a negotiated deal) could send the country into another recession, the worst since 2008. 

Don’t worry; the UK political-economic news report is just about done. In fact, this only serves to set up the larger point here. The UK has a big and powerful economy, but it has found itself standing on firmer ground before. The volatility is something that all members of the local business world feel and should be abreast of. 

So, what is a business owner to do in times of such unpredictability? It is our opinion that you should be planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

In financial business terms, this means to be saving money for a rainy day. You and your business can ill afford to be hanging by a thread if and when a recession or general economic downturn takes place. 

Planning for this can take many forms, but an important place to start is to focus on vital business processes. Telemarketing is a great ‘saving for a rainy day’ activity as it can serve duel purposes. At its heart, telemarketing is a piston in the engine of the sales process. When done well and effectively, telemarketing can save and make your sales organization money at the same time.

Telemarketing is made up of numerous sales and marketing acts over the phone or web conferences that help cultivate, nurture, and ultimately lead a prospect to a sale. While telemarketing is a process that is far from young, today’s technology has vastly changed the demands and ways we do this. 

The on-demand global nature of our current economy has created a need for a never-ending sales loop. Sure, you can have off-hours but its most likely that your competitors are not taking time off. 

The overhead costs of running a telemarketing and sales process are enough to cause a strain on your business all by itself. When you factor in the cost of maintaining a call centre, the salaries, the utilities and such the bill quickly racks up.

Many businesses in the UK have begun to outsource their telemarketing requirements to the Philippines. The counrty is the world leader when it comes to offshore telemarketing outsourcing.

This bullish outsourcing industry is built on the backs of the pioneers who have trail blazed their way through this world over the past 20 years. Filipinos are young, with a strong education and the ability to speak at least two languages on average.

The biggest benefit is cost savings. Telemarketers in the Philippines are paid quite well by local standards. This means that UK companies do not need to choose between cost savings and quality; it’s the rare win-win scenario.

Furthermore, the nearly 400 telemarketing companies in the Philippines are in direct competition with each other. An aggressive competitive environment spurs innovation and evolution, which benefits everyone involved. The Philippines has seen companies like PITON-Global push its competitors and be pushed by those same companies.

It’s rare, in the business world or your personal life, to find a situation where you get quality at a discount rate. Luckily, telemarketing outsourcing to the Philippines creates and provides that situation. In an unstable economy, the time is now to get ahead of your competitors and outsource your telemarketing services to the Philippines.