Tens of thousands would sign petition to KEEP Tommy Robinson’s book on Amazon


by George Hansen

An activist who started a petition signed by nearly 3,000 people to remove best-selling author Tommy Robinson’s new book on the Quran from Amazon won’t be too pleased to learn that tens of thousands of readers across the UK would sign a petition to KEEP the book on Amazon.

Maz Saleem, whose father was murdered by a neo-Nazi terrorist in Birmingham in 2013 started the petition which seemingly received some weight from thousands of signatures.

Robinson took to Twitter to share the article with his 300,000 strong Twitter army with the comment “Thousands sign petition to remove Tommy Robinson book on Quran from Amazon 😂😂😂😂😂”

One eager eyed follower replied to the tweet saying “signed by nearly 3,000 people to remove Tommy Robinson’s new book” YOU FEKIN JOKERS TRY IT! 3K TO REMOVE IT? THEN WATCH 3M MORE BUY IT!”

Whilst another follower quipped “Were do you sign to keep it ?”

Whilst another die hard supporter tweeted “The Truth hurts I guess  

Well done Tommy lad 🍺”

London Post reached out to Amazon this evening for comment, who refused to comment on the matter whilst a company spokesperson said it was ‘next to impossible’ for a published book to be removed.


  1. Thank you Mr Hansen on behalf of all the truthseekers that follow Mr Robinson. Kudos to you sir, for your integrity & courage, extremely rare trait amongst journos, who tend to only do hit pieces on Mr Robinson. The first article I’ve seen that has not falsely described or accused Mr R of being a “racist” “bigot” “nazi” “islamaphobe” “xenophobe” “far-right” or introduced him as “former EDL leader” “football hooligan” “far-right nazi thug”. , every hateful derogatory term, except “Best-Selling Author”. I think I can speak for a large majority of Mr R’s followers that at some point we were guilty of the same, I shall put it down to ignorance. My “Red-Pill” moment was his Oxford Uni Speech & his first book Enemy of the State, I was a brainwashed sheep, shame on me. We all owe Tommy Robinson a great deal, his genuine fear & love for our country and his relentless, selfless, determined mission, to wake us up & seek the truth. The “silent majority” plebs are woke and more by the day. Well done & thanks again from us all, Mel


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