The 237: Film School Podcast launches with Jonathan Sothcott Interview


An exciting new podcast for aspiring filmmakers has launched in the UK this week and the debut episode features host Martin Law talking to one of the UK’s most prolific and successful indie producers, Jonathan Sothcott. Sothcott, once the UK’s youngest TV Executive, has produced some 40 movies including Vendetta, We Still Kill The Old Way and entries in the Rise of the Footsoldier and Bonded by Blood series, working with the likes of Ray Winstone, Jason Statham and Mark Hamill along the way.

A vocal proponent of physical media still being a key part of genre films’ success, Sothcott opens up about the state of both the film industry in the UK and the wider market in the fascinating 40 minute discussion.

Martin Law had worked extensively in TV and saw a gap in the market for a podcast that really gets to the heart of independent film-making. He plans to follow up the Sothcott interview with other high profile filmmakers to offer a real insight into a small industry that remains decidedly mysterious, even in the digital age.

The Podcast can be found at: