The 5 best plants to have in your home


Having a plant at home is all the rage. Not only does it improve the ambience in your home, but it also helps create a healthier environment. Ranging from better sleep to cleaner air, there are many reasons to love plants. In this article, we have selected the best plants for your home. However, as we are fans of all plants, we will not rank them into the top 5. We think all these plants deserve to be number one, but selecting them just depends on your taste.


Welcome to the jungle! The Calathea plant family looks like it comes straight from the jungle. Its wavery leaves and dark green and purple colour are a great addition to any home. The upside of the plant is the fact that it can come in all sizes. If you want to have a big version, you can find it everywhere. A small version? Not a problem at all. They do come in different shapes, which makes it more difficult (or easier) to select. They also have strong purification powers, making them a great partner to clean the air.

Chinese money plant

Who does not like money?! Well, when it comes to the money plant, you will be sold. This plant has big round leaves on thin sticks that bend due to the size of the leaves. This makes it a very good-looking and happy plant. Maybe they will make you rich one day, who knows? At least they have you covered in terms of design and friendliness.

French lavender

This can be a very tricky one. Most people love French lavender for its beautiful purple colour and nice shape. This makes it a beautiful plant to have both indoors and outdoors. However, when it comes to the smell, there are often two clear camps to distinguish. People who associate French lavender with a toilet smell, and people who do not. If you belong to the latter, great for you. Another benefit of this plant is that it keeps the bugs away!

The lavender will be a great addition to your home.


This plant is well known across the world. With the concept originating from Japan, it does not refer to a single species. The technique used is called Bonsai, and it can be applied to a lot of different plants. A famous example of the application is the Ginseng plant. This brings beautiful designs and shapes that blend nature into art. Although these plants look beautiful, they do come with high maintenance. Are you ready to become a Bonsai professional, or want to pick it up as a hobby? Do not wait and start building your craftsmanship today.

Aloe vera

Known for many shampoos, shower gels, perfumes, beauty products, and more… but it does come best in the shape of a plant. The plant requires minimal maintenance and can live almost anywhere. Besides that, you can use its leaves to treat sunburns or clean your skin. This makes it a versatile yet beautiful addition to your home.

Buying plants online

Where to buy these plants? Well, who does still go to the garden centre? Smart people buy their plants online. Simply browse the Internet, look up the plants you love, and order them. They often come with a bunch of information that makes taking care of the plants easier and more convenient.