The Avocado Show in London is now open!


The Avocado Show has arrived in London! The world’s favourite all-avocado restaurant opens its doors on 28th October 2021.

Located in the Mayfair-Soho area on Princes Street, a one minute walk from Oxford Circus, The Avocado Show will be serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner in a colorful, cozy setting with seating for 40 guests.

Since launching in 2017, The Avocado Show has become a worldwide phenomenon – renowned for its signature “Pretty Healthy Food”: visually stunning and delicious dishes made with love from sustainable avocados. Founded by friends Ron Simpson and Julien Zaal, it began with a simple mission: to bring joy to avocado lovers. They accomplished it by bringing the exquisite flavors of their favorite superfood to life, with each dish styled like a little work of edible art.

The concept took off in Amsterdam and soon expanded to Brussels and Madrid and with London atop its wish list, the brand is now making a bold next step into an avo-hungry market. Londoners previously swarmed to The Avocado Show’s 2019 pop-up experience. This time it will be here to stay, offering a vibrant space to enjoy uniquely styled, delicious and sustainable dishes all day long. Among them: the iconic avocado Bun Burger, artfully styled Avo Garden, Salamango poke bowl and yummy, indulgent Avo Fries.

Since the brand’s inception, it has cultivated a large and devoted fanbase from across the globe, all drawn to The Avocado Show’s unique blend of tasty avocado dishes, beautiful presentation, good vibes and emphasis on sustainability. While the focus remains on its restaurants, the brand has also channeled its energy into other projects, from filming a documentary about its sustainable avocados, to publishing a popular cookbook, launching exclusive merchandise and even developing its own line of packaged avocado fries for wholesale and retail.

“We are excited to finally welcome London to The Avocado Show family. It has always been a dream of ours to open a location here. We look forward to sharing more Pretty Healthy Food with our fans as we continue our mission of bringing joy to avo lovers around the world and promoting sustainable avocado production.”

“We are very excited to work with such great partners and see our dream becoming a reality in these amazing new markets and are looking forward to establishing The Avocado Show globally as a socially responsible and profitable venture that will bring joy to avo lovers for years to come,” says Ron Simpson, Founder of The Avocado Show.