Best wallpaper ideas for your office


Want to breathe life into your home office space with wallpapers? Well, it’s an excellent idea! Decorating an office space is not as easy as decorating your living room space. It would be best if you considered how the atmosphere and look would affect you and, at the same time, represent your brand. In other words, you need something that looks stylish but professional.

Why use wallpaper?

Wallpapers are not only great for their aesthetic appearance, but they are also durable. When fixed properly, they can last for more than 15 years. They are available in custom textures, colours, and patterns at Modern wallpapers are easy to clean with light sponging.

Wallpapers add a protective layer to your walls. If your office walls have dents, you can use wallpapers to hide the imperfections. You can use dark, luxurious wallpapers to make your big office feel cosy and warm.

On the other hand, if your space is small, metallic, or neutral, wallpapers will make it feel lighter and bigger. You might not achieve these visual transformations with simple paint.

Wallpaper colour

Colour will affect your mood, you might not be aware, but it’s a fact. The tips below will help you decide on which wallpaper colour to go with;

  • Grey and white 

Like it is the case in most offices, your walls are probably already white all over. Too much white is bland and won’t stimulate your senses. A sterile environment will make your office space look dull. Excess grey colour, on the other hand, creates negative emotion.

Neutral colours aren’t a bad idea altogether. You only need to include a bright colour somewhere so that the outcome isn’t too monotonous and boring.

  • Green

If your job needs high levels of concentration, you should choose green wallpaper. The green colour helps prevent tiredness and will keep your mind awake and fresh when handling monotonous tasks. It acts as a motivator when working for long hours

  • Blue 

Blue features calming qualities, boost productivity, and increase concentration. It’s a great choice if you are constantly handling tasks with a deadline. Blue wallpapers are also beneficial if you lose your train of thought often.

  • Red

Create a high-energy environment and stimulate senses with red wallpapers, especially if your job highly relies on external input. However, red wallpapers can cause unnecessary pressure and trigger aggression. In this case, don’t go for the colour red if your work demands maximum concentration or when working for long hours.

  • Yellow and orange 

Orange and yellow colours have a motivating and optimistic effect. These colours are an excellent choice if you are in the creative industry and looking for some inspiration. However, these colours may not be appealing for a home office used by children since they can be distracting and evoke a sense of playfulness.

Wallpaper patterns 

Wallpaper patterns look great, and they help distinguish the character of your office space. Unlike colour, patterns may not significantly affect your mood and perception. Overwhelming patterns may not be appealing, and you might experience sensory overload.

For instance, if you’re are an environmentalist who spends long hours in the office developing projects, you might want to try out wallpapers with trees or leaves patterns. You will create a nature-inspired environment that reminds you of your goals and passion.

The concrete pattern creates a more industrial and contemporary environment. On the other hand, floral wallpapers come in handy if you deal with women’s products and services since they make a space feel and look feminine.

Wallpaper material

Home office wallpapers are available in different materials. The best wallpaper material for your office space depends on the functions and specific requirements of your room. For instance, if your kids have access to your home office, choose a strong and washable wallpaper material since it will be prone to dirt and tear.

Only use wallpapers made using delicate materials such as glass beads, fibre wallpapers, and metal wallpapers if the task you’re handling from the office is less likely to cause discolouration, damage, and stains.

Scrub-resistant and washable wallpapers are perfect when dealing with stubborn stains such as paint splashes.

Feature wall 

A feature wall gives you a chance to try out wallpapers with bold colours and patterns. Don’t randomly pick a feature wall; find your focal point—for instance, the wall facing your desk where your eyes will rest.

Choose a wallpaper colour that complements everything else in your office space. If you aren’t sure how wallpaper patterns will affect you, use them on one wall and use solid colour wallpapers on the other walls.

Final verdict 

When choosing a wallpaper, you should consider how the pattern, texture, and colour will affect you, the existing interior décor and overall space. Make it look excellent but professional; go beyond simple, obvious colours and patterns. Happy decoration!