The Benefits of Team Days for Businesses


Team days, sometimes called ‘team bonding exercises’ are a tried and trusted way in which businesses and employers help their team and members of staff to get to know and engage with each other better. There are many benefits to such days out and there are countless ways in which to undertake these often-vital days away from the hustle and bustle of daily working life.

Traditionally, team building and bonding days were all about building things together and going rafting. However, in the modern day, things have changed massively. Options nowadays for team building include the likes of clay pigeon shooting, axe throwing competitions (find out more), go karting, camping and a lot more.

Apart from what can be done for team bonding and where you can take your staff, there are so many benefits of these away days, some of which even entail overnight stays from which your staff will benefits for a long time to come.

Helping New Team Members ‘Bed In’

One of the most daunting things for most people is trying to fit in and establish themselves in a brand-new place of work. There are many challenges to be faced and overcome. Chiefly, getting to know your work colleagues, who you will be spending the vast majority of your days and general time with, is something top of new team members’ lists when it comes to working somewhere new.

By effectively forcing staff and the team at work out of the sometimes-mundane office and into a fresh environment, out of their usual comfort zone, you will get them into the habit of noticing new things as well as new people. This includes newbies who may be finding it hard to fit in and get established amongst more established members of your team.

If you opt for an away day that involves some degree of interpersonal competition, it may also be a great ice breaker for new staff, particularly if they are noticeably good (or bad) at the task or sport in question. It is a great ice breaker to introduce some out of work competition amongst staff.

Relaxation and Time to Unwind

Perhaps most obviously when it comes to away days, giving your staff time to simply relax and unwind, other than the weekend and Bank Holidays, is key to their happiness in the workplace. Most people take the usual time off from work around weekends, Public Holidays and annual leave. But, by leading your team into a fun, non-work-related day can pay dividends as it helps them relax and spend time together in a way they simply may not do otherwise.

Some employers even opt for spa and relaxation days for their staff and workers, which undoubtedly helps them relax both physically and mentally.

What to do for Team Away Days

There is no ‘true’ activity with regards to away days and team building exercises and anything is ‘fair game’ for this type of activity. There are however some more established and accepted activities and places for away days and team building:

  • Clay Pigeon Shooting – Although not a large part of British culture perhaps in the way it is in countries like America, competitive shooting is an almost always a fun activity and more people than you may imagine enjoy the thrill
  • Bowling – Bowling is enjoyed by everyone and is a fun day or evening out where some healthy competition is always welcome and encouraged
  • Crazy Golf – Crazy golf is enjoyed by both those people who can play golf as well as those that cannot. Also, with some usually difficult holes on the course, there is sure to be both competition and a healthy dose of banter amongst all involved
  • Creative Activities – There are many activities that you may not realise are actually possible to integrate into team building and away days including pottery, painting and other art and even basket weaving (more information)
  • Sports – Sports activities are a wonderful way in which to help your staff get active and to encourage them to get fit whilst they compete with each other and have fun away from the office