The Best Gambling Options in London


When it is about having the best gambling experience in the European cities, London in the United Kingdom comes high up on the list. Being one of the biggest cosmopolitan hubs in the world, London has some fantastic casinos. In fact, most of the most excellent land-based and online casinos are located in London.

London is the best destination for anyone who has a deep liking for betting or something sensational with a trendy setting. This article is all about the best gambling places in London.

Each of these places is popular for a particular type of gaming event. To have a great night out in one of the fantastic cities in the world that doesn’t stop even at midnight.

Top Places for Brick and Mortar Casinos in London:

  1. Hippodrome CasinoHippodrome consists of a brick and mortar casino too. You might be amazed to know that they have been in the business for over 100 years. For many people, an offline gambling business builds authority and establishes trust.

Running an offline casino is no joke because things like licenses, overhead expenses, taxes, etc. have to be taken care of. The casino provides excellent offers, knows how to treat their valued players, has a variety of games that runs with high-quality software, and a great support team.

Also, they have set up their online gaming site developed by the popular software company, Microgaming. So, you get to play hundreds of games, plenty of licensed slots, and huge progressive jackpots. They have their service 24/7, and indeed one of the best brick and mortar casinos in London.

  1. Empire Casino –You may be surprised by the modern looks of the Empire Casino when you get to visit the place for brick and mortar casinos. With a whopping 55000 square feet in area, this Vegas-inspired casino is the biggest casino in London.

Quite different from the other casinos around, it has a dress code of formal, casual wear. White sports trainer ripped jeans, sportswear, and hooded tops aren’t allowed in the casino. The Empire Casino was opened to the general public in 2007. Previously, the place used to be a theater and ballroom.

The Empire Casino has over 120 slot machines and about 50 table games. It has poker rooms where you can play and enjoy drinks on a regular basis. Also, the casino has hosted the finals of the European World Series of Poker. Empire Casino is regarded as the busiest casino in London.

  1. Aspers Casino –It is another famous brick and mortar casino you can visit in London. Apart from this, Aspers Casino operates an online casino as well. They operate under the UK license that controls remote gambling. They have an extensive collection of games.

In London, you can find many land-based casinos, and Aspers Casino is one of the best among the others. In fact, Aspers Casino is the first-ever super-casino to be built in the UK in 2011. With a mostly young crowd playing in this casino is a real sense of excitement and fun.

When it is about having the most amazing experience, you can’t beat the brick and mortar casinos. And, Aspers Casino is no different. In particular, the slot games are very impressive, and you can try here to win big.

  1. Les Ambassadeurs Club Casino –Otherwise popular as Les A’, this brick and mortarcasino has one of the sought-after memberships compared to other casinos. From time immemorial, this casino has been frequently visited by playboys, millionaires, royals, and other alike. With private gambling suites, an exclusive library, and a restaurant, this casino is sure to give you lots of memories. The

Les Ambassadeurs Club consists of the most elegant gaming rooms in London. It can be concluded that the casino caters to a specific class of people who like to experience finer things in life rather than a mediocre level of entertainment. There are private gambling rooms for you to hang out.

Les Ambassadeurs Casino makes sure to provide its players with the best of games to have a unique experience. Although the membership is very expensive, some people like to experience luxury while having a great gambling session.

Top Places For Online Casinos in London:

  1. Cloud Casino – Perhaps one of the best places in London and the United Kingdom, where you can play online casino games and live dealer games.

Cloud Casino boasts of a modern feel. It has a fantastic number of online slot machines, including jackpot slots, and also offers many table games. is trusted by players and has a good reputation and a licensee from the UK gambling commission.

  1. The Ritz Club Casino –Another great land-based and online casino in London, the Ritz Club is an elegant online casino and land-based casino located in the lower part of the popular Ritz Hotel. Not only does the online casino provides table games, and many online slots, but also huge jackpots

This casino remains open on all the 7 days in a week and 24 hours a day. You can find different types of games such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette, Punto Banco, Three Card Poker. Apart from having a good time gambling at the Club.

There is an excellent site for casinos at

Top 3 Places Horse Racing in London:

  1. Grosvenor Casino Golden Horseshoe –This Casino has an extensive gaming option with a lively atmosphere. The Grosvenor Casino Golden Horseshoe is located at a few steps from the Bayswater tube station, and the best place on sports betting, especially horse racing. This casino has a lot to offer for its valued players.

The Golden Horseshoe provides you with eight roulette tables, which are connected with thirty electronic terminals to maximize your playing experience. Apart from this, the casino has a variety of slots, poker, and blackjack. If you are a new player, the casino provides free assistance to play tables.

But, the one thing that sets this casino aside from the others is the opportunity to lay your hands on sports betting, especially horse racing. Here you can have the ultimate experience to watch for the bets you have placed on in the sport’s bar and lounge. What’s more, it is open 24/7.

  1. Park Lane Club –Another amazing casino in London popular for sports betting. However, it requires membership of 1000 pounds a year. The casino features blackjack, roulette, slot machines, and baccarat. The games at Park Lane Club has higher stakes. To experience sports betting, a different atmosphere is needed.

And, Park Lane Club is wise enough to provide such experience to its players. The gaming opportunities are carried in a separate place where you can view the games live on the TV screen and have a wonderful experience. This is where the players bet on different sports. However, the most popular is horse racing.

Also, you can avail of the private rooms for your betting needs. Alongside gambling, you can grab some food from the restaurant present in the casino. This place has a selection of almost every popular cuisines. The Club has a bar, in case you want to relax while betting on some sports events.

  1. Les Ambassadeurs –This place has been on the list, and you have probably got an idea about this wonderful casino and its luxurious services. Apart from these best things, it is filled with private rooms that give you a modern touch about the games being played in this casino, especially betting for horse racing.

While playing in these private rooms, you can literally have all the arrangements for the game you like to play. With the outdoor gaming area like the Smoking garden, this casino arranges for TVs to view important sporting events. Sports betting is quite popular here, and many people are aware of it.

Horse racing betting could not get better here in this casino. As you know, Les Ambassadeurs is one of the costliest casinos in London, and their membership plans are higher. Despite this, people love to try their luck on horse racing events here in this luxurious casino.

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Top 3 Places Poker Clubs in London:

  1. The Grosvenor Victoria –Popular by the name The Vic’, this casino is one of the famous poker clubs in London. In this casino, you can find lots of serious poker players who really know how to play. So, this place might not be suitable for a novice.

The poker room is upstairs, and undoubtedly the largest poker room in entire London. Knowing how seriously the casino deals with the people in this place allows only the registered members to play poker. But, you can get the registration onsite, and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

There are plenty of cash games available throughout the day, and people would tell you that the best low-stakes games are found here. It is open 24 hours, the staff and dealers are very polite and professional. The place is comfortable and clean, unlike some of the casinos you may find.

  1. Genting Casino Cromwell Mint –It was in 2010 that the casino first opened its doors for the poker room. Although the poker club is based in London’s most posh area, it doesn’t advertise itself as a well to do casino. Despite this, there are certain rules for players.

For example, the casino has a strict formal attire for all its players. Hence, if you like to hide your face under some fancy clothing, this is not the right place for you. Therefore, you need to leave those comfy at home. However, this kind of strict entry requirement gives the poker room a high-class feel and look.

In spite of this, it doesn’t mean that you need to spare lots of money to play in these rooms. There are lots of low-stake games. The staffs around are quite polite and friendly to assist you in your stuff. If you have a deep liking for poker, this is the right place to have some great experience.

  1. Aspers Stratford City –The Aspers poker room is often dubbed as London’s largest 24/7 nightlife venue. Started their operation in 2012, this poker club has everything that you desire to get from a reputed casino. One of the interesting aspects of this casino is the way they introduce their new players.

There are rake tables that you can join for free by requesting to the staff. This way, you can learn free tips and improve yourself on the poker game. Apart from this, Aspers provide plenty of games throughout the day till night. They host big tournaments like the other casinos.

Similar to The Empire Casino, the Aspers has a house jackpot. But, it grows each time after a cash game is played. In order to win, you need to flop a flush diamond. It might be quite easy to say rather than performing, but it is a good addition to the overall gaming experience in this casino.

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Top 3 Places Bingo Halls in London:

  1. Mecca Bingo Camden –If you are planning to visit a bingo hall in London, the Mecca Bingo Camden is a great choice. The place is situated next to the Odeon cinema and easily accessed by public transport. This place remains open for all seven days in a week.

The door is opened to the general public at 11:30 in the morning every day. Although the main event sessions can cost you up to £17, you can get into the other sessions with around £5 or £6. The club is able to generate a great atmosphere filled with fun and entertainment.

The club gets real busy on certain main events when the crowds exceed the general limit capacity it can hold. You wouldn’t have wished for a better bingo hall right at your doorsteps. You can have a wonderful time in your life by experiencing a friendly atmosphere and a good local community.

  1. The Queen of Hoxton –This bingo hall is another example of broad-ranging entertainment ever found in the entire Shoreditch, which plays host to delight hipsters throughout the night. It is not the crafted beer or the dance music that makes the Queen of Hoxton unique.

The bar’s USP is to drag bingo evenings by drawing in huge crowds from all over London. If you are not acquainted with drag bingo, give some time, and you would make your way into the mainstream in the UK. Initially appeared more than 30 years ago in North America, drag bingo has made it to success in Europe.

Some of the talented drag queens from the UK and other countries appeared in these bingo events. If you have ever seen Ru Paul’s Drag Race only to enjoy its fiery brand of humor, you may like the drag bingo evenings hosted at the Queen of Hoxton.

  1. Buzz Bingo Stratford –After consuming bingo with lots of twists, you may desire to travel back in time only to enjoy the game as it used to be in the 1960s. If there is anything that can replicate the bygone days, Buzz Bingo is the perfect one.

Buzz Bingo is a bingo hall where everyone playing the game takes it quite seriously. The players would not only put their heads down to meet up and socialize with friends but to beat them and claim the jackpot. Even when you don’t win, you would feel that the games are played fairly cheap.

In recent times, Buzz Bingo has tried to modernize the game while maintaining a good balance of nostalgia. Certain conventional gaming tables are replaced with screen terminals, where players can order food and drinks while playing. All these things have made Buzz Bingo a great place for the bingo lovers regardless of tastes and ages.

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Conclusion For Gambling in London:

We hope we helped you find your way to some of the most excellent gambling options in London and choose a place that you found most interesting. London is one of the world’s best places to gamble, and you can enjoy authentic gambling alongside good quality food and entertainment in these venues, or you can play UK online casinos from your home.

But, always remember that gambling sometimes can lead to addiction, and it is a good idea to visit before gambling.