The best games for London commuters


Life in London is so exciting. One of the top cities in the world, it can offer guests and residents alike a world of opportunities when it comes to work and play. There’s just so much to do and always something new to try out, whether that’s a venue, restaurant or entertainment experience.

But it can also be incredibly busy — especially in the day to day, travelling for work. Whether it’s on the tube, taxi or the bus, the commute can take up hours of our week. It can feel daunting, especially on a Sunday when you know you’re starting off all over again.

That’s where mobile games come in. Mobile gaming has grown in popularity, especially as smartphone and tablet usage has increased. With a busy lifestyle, many people living in London can only access games during their daily commute — working and socialising takes up so much more of their time. Historically, you were only able to access games through computers and consoles. These days you can play your favourite games any place at any time.

So, what are the best games for London commuters? Here are our top 10.


Angry Birds 2


It’s incredible how fast a game becomes a classic these days. The Angry Birds franchise has been going strong for a few years now; but no matter the iterations Angry Birds 2 stands out as one of the best. Because who doesn’t like shooting birds on their phone at evil pigs?

Candy Crush Friends Saga

Like Angry Birds, Candy Crush is one of those game franchises that have become something of a household name. They just keep coming up with great games for their fans, old and new. The latest instalment in the series comes in the form of the Candy Crush Friends Saga. The popular characters in the series are involved in the gameplay, offering special abilities that can affect the gameboard. Definitely a must-have for your mobile device!

The Candy Crush franchise has been a popular mobile game for a while, well-known for its brightly coloured graphics.

Mobile Slots

For fans of casino games, you may be asking yourself is it possible to play slots on my mobile? Well it is! Thanks to the internet and technology, all of our favourite casino games are accessible online via our mobile and many casino providers now have their own gaming app. Mobile slots are fantastic as there are plenty of themes to choose from. This game is fantastic for those having to travel to work while in London, as they can make you feel like you’re at a physical casino and help pass time away of the daily commute. A slot game is also quick fast, perfect for those who may have a shorter commute than most. Beyond the entertaining gaming experience, you also have a chance to win real money while playing mobile slots.


A game that’s booming in popularity right now is Gardenscapes. In this game, your role is to help a butler called Austin restore an outdoor garden through matching. It’s a fun one, and if you enjoy the style of game then download Homescapes, where you help Austin once again — this time with designing and renovating a house.

Heads Up!

This game was created by talk show host Ellen Degeneres and involves one player putting their phone to their forehead while the other players give clues about the words on the screen. It’s a perfect game to have on hand for parties with friends and family, or for those who travel into work with colleagues or friends.


This game is one of the most popular in recent years. The computer game where you can build anything and everything in a pixelated world has been transported to different platforms over the past few years. You can play in both Survival or Creative mode depending on your mood — and it’s available for both the iOS and Android apps.

Another popular mobile game is Minecraft, best known as a PC game but also now compatible with mobile devices.


Another title that had fans going wild was Fortnite. From the battle royale genre, this game has cartoon style graphics — the goal? To be the last person, team, or squad standing in each round. Available for PCs and consoles, the game was released in iOS in 2018 and is also now available for Android.

Ridiculous Fishing

This is one game that definitely lives up to its namesake. In Ridiculous Fishing, the object is to hook as many fish as you can, pull them up and shoot them out of the sky. By upgrading your equipment, you can make this game just as ridiculous as you want. It’s available for both Android and iOS, so worth giving a try if you’re looking for something silly and fun.

Temple Run 2

The sequel to Temple Run, this running game is also considered by many to be a mobile classic. Temple Run 2 adds brand new obstacles for players as well as achievements and power ups. With improved graphics to boot, this game gives its predecessor a run for its money. And it’s free for both iOS and Android.

Draw Something

Another fun party game that you can play if you’re commuting with friends is Draw Something. Similar to Pictionary, one player draws and the other has to guess what the word is. You can download the classic game for free, or the pro version to eliminate ads.

There are plenty of gaming apps available for commuters to download and pass away time on the journey to and from work. As listed above there are games and genres for everyone, from puzzle-based games to mobile slots, the gaming options are endless!