The Best Ways to Enjoy Music


Music is a form of entertainment, but for many, is almost a necessity that they cannot live without. Many people listen to music every day, but may not be enjoying it as much as they possibly can. Here are some ways to get the most out of your listening experience.

Relax And Focus On The Music

One of the best ways to enjoy music is just by relaxing and zoning out with music coming from speakers in the background or listening through a pair of headphones. Being undistracted, closing your eyes, and fully immersing yourself in the music allows you to fully enjoy the audio experience. You might listen to music on your commute or while you are working and doing other things, but it doesn’t allow you to fully focus on all that different music has to offer. Get in a meditative state and let yourself float away, being carried by your favorite songs and artists.

Listen To Albums And Songs Multiple Times

Music is a form of entertainment and many people get a lot of enjoyment out of it. One of the best ways to experience music is through multiple listening experiences. Similar to watching movies multiple times, listening to music and songs over several playthroughs allows you to hear and experience things that you may not have heard the first time. The more you listen to something, the more you notice the subtleties of the works, and the more you are exposed to something, the more you enjoy it.

Playing And Creating Your Own Music

One of the best ways to experience and enjoy music, especially in a more in-depth way, is by having a deeper understanding of the music itself, which would allow you to fully appreciate different aspects of a song. The best way to develop a stronger understanding is by actually learning how to play an instrument or knowing how to create your own music. Having these skills translates to a better appreciation of the craft and the end product, and allows you to listen deeper than the average person. Having expertise in any field means that you see or, in this case, hear with more attentiveness, especially if it is in a genre or utilizes instruments that you play.

Curated Playlists

Your music consumption will often be best enjoyed over extended sessions, and not typically just one or two songs. You will listen to dozens of songs, whether you are relaxing and chilling, working out, or working on school or job-related things. One way to help keep you in your listening state is with curated playlists that fit your mood or drive your motivations. The reason for curated playlists from would be to showcase new artists in similar genres to new listeners that have a specific taste already. This ensures that they aren’t all of a sudden listening to music that is too upbeat when they are trying to relax or vice versa. You want consistency in your playlists and don’t want to be spending more time looking for music than actually listening to it.

Studying The Lyricism

Along with listening to songs multiple times, or learning to appreciate different aspects of production and different instrumentals, the lyrics to a song can often play a large role in your appreciation and enjoyment for it. This is especially prevalent in genre songs  that rely on such lyrics, like hip-hop and rap, where much of the value is in the wordplay or lyrics. Even other genres of pop, folk, and alternative music have adopted an emphasis on lyrics. Lyrics paint a picture and through metaphor and narrative, provide listeners great joy with songs that focus on this aspect.

Live And Acoustic Performances

One of the purest ways to enjoy music is through a more natural and stripped-down version of songs that you love. Acoustic songs and live performances can provide an experience unlike anything else, creating unique memories listeners can take and attach to their favorite songs and artists. When a song is played and performed acoustically, it removes any synthetic crutches for an artist to lean on and they have to rely mainly on their own talent. This highlights artists that already have great voices, but provides a chance for their voice to be the main focus, removing any and all distractions. Live performances are similar in the sense that you cannot always rely on edited and arranged material, but the talent that cannot hide any mistakes. Although you can still have all sorts of sounds and effects, the performance in a live show takes center stage and provides attendees another unique experience to enjoy.

Music of all types provides joy to listeners. There are many different ways to appreciate it, as well as experience it. If you love music, and it plays a significant role in your life, consider ways to enhance that listening experience to get even more out of your favorite songs and artists.