The clubs with most victories in the UEFA Champions League


For years and years, the UEFA Champions League is the most important competition in Europe, counting with the best clubs fighting for the title of Champion of Europe.

Of course that in order to lift the trophy of the competition, there are several matches in which the clubs need to be victorious. So today, we are going to check out the list of 10 clubs with most victories in the history of the UEFA Champions League.

10 – Liverpool

Even though the Reds have recently conquered their 5th Champions League trophy, being the English club with more titles of the competition, they are just in the 10th position when talking about victories in UCL matches. Through the history of the competition, Liverpool were able to win 64 matches.

9 – AC Milan

For a while now, AC Milan have been disappointing their fans, who were used to some great players and also winning important titles. If we think about the club’s history, the Rossonero were able to lift the Champions League trophy 7 times, being the second club with more titles of the competition. Through the years, AC Milan won a total of 82 UCL matches.

8 – Arsenal

Even though the Gunners don’t have a Champions League trophy yet, they have good results in the competition’s matches, being the 9th club with more victories. They have a total of 83 victories until now, just 1 more than Milan.

7 – Chelsea

The Blues have only one title of the Champions League, but during their history in the competition they were able to get 2 victories more than Arsenal, being the 7th best club with a total of 85 victories.

6 – FC Porto

This might be a surprise for some people, but FC Porto have already won a total of 87 matches during their history in the UEFA Champions League. And they were really important for the club to conquer their 2 trophies of the competition, during the 1986/87 season and also in the 2003/04 season.

5 – Juventus

Starting the top 5, the first club with more than 100 victories in the competition. The Old Lady counts with just two titles in the Champions League, both conquered during the last century, but is among the clubs with more victories in the UCL, with a total of 103.

4 – Manchester United

The Red Devils are not the English club with the most Champions League trophies, but they can say that they have won more times in the competition. After winning a total of 124 matches, United have lifted three trophies, being the last one in the 2007/08 season.

3 – Bayern Munich

Opening the top 3 we have the current Champions. Bayern Munich counts with six titles of the Champions League and, during their history in the competition, they were able to get a total of 149 matches. With the amazing team they have, maybe in the near future they will be able to get the 2nd place.

2 – Barcelona

Even though Barcelona is just in 5th place when talking about Champions League titles – with a total of five trophies – the club is the second with most victories in the competition, just one behind the most victorious team of all times in the Champions. During their history in the biggest competition of Europe, Barca were able to get a total of 160 victories so far.

1 – Real Madrid

There is no surprise that the club with the most number of victories in the Champions League is Real Madrid. The Merengues have already won a total of 161 matches in the competition and, because of them, were able to lift the trophy 13 times. Not only the most victorious club but also the most successful one. However, depending on how things go this season for the club, they can lose the first position to their country rivals, Barcelona.


Some teams certainly surprised many fans of football being in the top 10. Arsenal, who don’t have any title of the Champions League, are ahead of Liverpool, five time Champions and the English club with the most number of UCL trophies. FC Porto are also a surprise, as many people don’t know much about the history of the club and in recent years they don’t show such good football.

However, the top 3 are certainly not a surprise. Bayern Munich are impressing every season in Europe, while Barcelona and Real Madrid don’t even need explanation on why they are simply incredible.It is also very informative to read the betting tips that increase the winning percentage.

The Champions League keeps surprising the fans and being one of the most exciting competitions to watch. If you want to find more about the UEFA Champions League and know everything about the clubs and the matches.