The complete beginner’s guide to Call of Duty Warzone 2.0


Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 was released on the 16th of November, and it is a free-to-play video game that features a huge map besides many game mechanics. In the form of a battle royale game, its objective seems pretty simple. The players need to hop in and loot up. Again, they are also required to eliminate many enemies and emerge as Victor. However, the formula of Warzone 2 isn’t that simple, as it has 40+ guns as well as added accessories. 

The popularity of Warzone 2 has been on a high since it was created. Millions of players from all across the globe have involved themselves in playing this game. They also buy Warzone cheats from so that they remain unbeaten. The ultimate guide to Warzone 2.0 is in this article.

Navigation of the map

Similar to other popular battle royale games, Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 drops some lobby of players where they are required to discover items and weapons. Again, they also need to fight to be the last squad or last man standing. If they observe Al Mazrah, they find it to be supporting 150 players simultaneously. When a beginner plays Warzone 2, he will find each game to begin with him, and a cargo plane will drop his squad. After this, he would be parachuted to his desired location. To keep things modest, the finest places are some named locations. These points provide sufficient loot for a gamer as well as his squadmates. When a gamer lands in a hot place where players are fighting already, he can angle for a highly secluded unnamed area that still features houses as well as other small complexes. And in this place, he will find his gear. While playing Warzone 2.0, players ought to master their parachute glide and speed as they are vital for landing fast.


As Warzone 2.0 has got a massive map, players need good communication and planning to dominate and emerging as victorious. While playing this game, they will come across many attachments and guns, and they must choose every weapon carefully that will have lots of attachments. Nonetheless, players should be mindful that in Warzone 2, they will not be able to unlock the attachments easily as they do when they play other COD multiplayer games. A player is suggested to select the best controller, ideal loadout, and graphics settings that would fit both small ranges and middle ranges. Though the snipers are ideal, the obstacles, trees, and buildings make it tough to utilize them properly. When the match proceeds forward, the snipers turn less vital. Hence, small-range and mid-range rifles have become hugely important.

Diving in as well as looting

Players do not get higher-profile guns right from the start. When they play initially, they get a pistol only. Therefore, looting becomes the top priority for players. A beginner is suggested to dive into a lesser dense area as this way; he will be able to avert other players. However, diving into these areas includes the confinement of only some looted objects. Hence, players feel comfortable collecting items and proceed forward with this approach and method. Players find the remote areas too to be proposing some buildings with lots of loot. They are the safest and simplest method to survive. Nonetheless, in a few situations, a player fights Gunless too. And in this situation, he runs and rides. Alternatively, he can attack the enemy, too, with a pistol. However, if a player is fine when he clashes with his enemies from the start, then he can dive into a denser area. Players should discover a weapon that would fill their inventory, and besides the killings, they should keep on looking for the finest objects and weapons. If a player looks for money, he must search the cash register or locker, and if he looks for heals, he should see the medicine box carefully.


Every player who plays Warzone 2.0 will be armed with a little backpack when he enters the game. Again, he will also be provided time for hunting for either large-size or medium-size backpacks. When the backpack is larger, it will be able to hold larger items. These backpacks can arm a third weapon too. 


Besides a backpack, players find other mechanisms, too, such as Contracts. A Contract is an optional mechanism though players who take part in it find it to be useful. When a player is involved in a Contract, he will get an impressive sum of money. Players can get different kinds of contracts, and they can sign any of them. When they sign a Bounty Contract, they will get rewards for eliminating the players who are marked with their bounty right on their heads. And if they sign the Most Wanted Contract, they will be noted as the most wanted. And other players chase them too. The third Contract is named the Safe Cracker Contract, where players are required to blow up the provided locations with C4 detonators.