The excitement of real live dealer casino games


Online casino gaming is undeniably popular for those gamblers who attend casinos to play and win jackpots, this is also popular for those gamers who play with the help of their devices at home. These sites are the best alternative way of playing casino games since some of us are not able to go in casinos physically due to the virus that spread around the globe. Have you heard Live Casino Games? This is the new craze in town that many of the casino attenders are talking about.

What are Real Live Dealer Casino Games?

Real Live Dealer Casino Games are the new way of gambling that will take the you to the next level of gambling by playing real-time online casino games. Undoubtedly, these games are popular. Making classic casino games much exciting with the help of our technologies. Making casino goers to play and stay at home for their safety.

Real Live Dealer Casino Games offer some of well-known table games and card games. Recently, some of the studios provide live slot machines to add more choices and to expand their scope in online gaming. Live Dealer Studios give us options on what games you are going to play. These studios allow players to play inside their homes. In terms of the gaming style, nothing has changed, there are dealers waiting for you to join the game and play it real-time but they offer attractive bonuses and promotions that actual casinos can’t provide to make your casino gaming more exciting. In addition, the dealers are professional and accommodating, giving you an excellent experience of online casino gaming.

These games also allow you to interact with the dealers and with the other gamers in the game. This is one of the reasons why many people are attracted to this game. It also gives the players an opportunity to talk and communicate with other players during the game just like the old times.

Popular Live Dealer Casino Games

•        Blackjack

•        Baccarat

•        Roulette

These are the most popular live casino games not only because this is the first game that they released but these games offer you higher jackpots. Also, they award players many bonuses and promotions that many players are attracted to.

There some of online casino games that we know they offered so far:

•        Ultimate Texas Hold’em

•        Caribbean Stud

•        Monopoly Live

•        Deal or No Deal

•        Live Slots

These games also offer higher jackpot and bonuses that will surely make players play non stop. They are also releasing new casino games to add more choices. We suggest you try these games in order to experience what casino gaming is and to determine what game suits your taste and liking. Some of the online casino games offer early cash out to allow players to secure their winnings.

Live Dealer Games Feature

Live Dealer Casino Game Providers provide not only a variety of casino games but they also provide different feature and variants sets. We list down some of the features and variants that you will encounter when you play Live Dealer Games.

•        Side Bets – this is to allow other players to place bets like 21+3, Hot 3, Super 6, Perfect Pairs and more. Side betting is one of the basic features that online casino games offer for players.

•        Game Variants – Different casino games have different gaming variants like in Blackjack: Behind Bet, Free Bet Blackjack, Pre-decision and VIP. In roulette, the player can choose variants like Lightning, Immersive, and Double Ball Roulette.

•        Language – players can choose different languages where the dealers will speak the language that the player chose and comfortable with. Available languages: Mandarin, Romanian, Spanish, Russian, Italian and other languages available on the setting.

•        Gender of the Dealer – online casino sites allow players to choose what gender they want. Male or Female Dealer. Some of us really want a female dealer.

•        Feature – This allows the player to change the main setting to their liking. Sounds, Camera Angles, Quality of the stream and other basic settings that the players want to change.

These features and variants offered by the providers allow players to feel like home in their home.

Factors Players should consider

These are the factor every players should consider to experience excellent live casino gaming:

•        Dealers’ Professionalism

•        Streaming Quality

•        Betting Options

•        In-game bonuses and rewards

•        Casino Backdrop or Setting

•        In-game Atmosphere


Bonuses and Promotion

Expect this to happen when you play live dealer casino games. Most of the players are aiming to hit the jackpots when they play online casino games but there are many exciting reasons why you should play these games, bonus and promotions.

There are sites that offer more bonuses and promotions unlike other casino gaming sites. It depends on what game you are playing in. Some of the games offer higher chances of hitting the jackpot at the same time hitting the bonuses offered therein.

There are various rewards that the players might acquire when playing online casino games.

•        Points Rewards

•        Deposit Bonus

•        Casino Rewards

•        Free Spins

•        Money Bonuses

•        Loyalty Points Rewards

•        VIP points

These are the bonuses and rewards you might bump into if you play live dealer casino games and other online casino games. There are some bonuses and rewards that are available in limited times only. They also provide seasonal bonuses to add more impact to their gaming experience and allow players to win more money.


There are many online casino sites that offer live dealer casino games. Choose your site you are dealing with because some of the sites offer low amounts of jackpot with less bonus. There are features and variants that some of the sites have but no-show in others. This article is made to provide awareness that casino gaming is making impact to the players, embracing our latest technology, providers allow players to stay at home and play while earning. This article also made to educate players and readers on how online casinos and live dealers work and bring excitement to the players.