The Future of Natural Health and Aging Younger, for You and Your Pet


By Mas Sajady


How many decisions have you made so far today? How many of those choices involved your health? When you think about staying healthy, what pops into your head? The most common answers are exercise, eating healthy, and taking supplements. You may often wonder about such things as what should I eat, how can I sleep better, can I make time for exercise and for mindfulness, and how do these things impact my day? If you are like most adults, your morning routine involves medications or at least supplements. If you’re older, you may reminisce about your youth, then visualize yourself aging like your parents.

It’s a given that health is important, but with so many conflicting ideas and theories over the years, it’s hard to know what to believe about achieving optimal health. Do you recall when we were told that margarine was the healthier alternative? Now, more than ever, people are reading the signs, allowing their intuition to guide them, and feeling that something is lacking in what medical and pharmaceutical communities are pushing. Maybe you too have felt that prick in your soul, telling you there is more wisdom inside you, or you realize that you can play a larger role in your own well-being. 

Maybe you’re like me. I ask the deeper questions. Is aging a myth? Is aging societal conditioning? Is it caused by genetic mutations from GMO foods, stress, and pollution? Do we need to age and get the same diseases as our parents? Why do wild animals age and die gracefully, and we don’t? Why are pets afflicted with human diseases? Why are wealthy first-world countries the poorest in health? Why do beach scenes from the 1950s show healthier, fitter people than the beach scenes of today, despite our progress in healthcare? The questions I’ve dedicated my life to answering seem endless. 

Researching possibilities

To solve the mystery of aging and disease, I’ve researched past and present solutions. Including the latest technologies, Tony Robbins discusses in his new book Life Force: How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those You Love. Unfortunately, all the solutions, including Tony’s, have 3 disastrous flaws:

 1) They assume aging and disease are inevitable. We can’t eliminate them, only make them easier to live with through endless supplements, medication, and surgeries.

2) We need outside intervention. Advanced supplements, injections, and even brain microchips.

3) The young need to be treated even earlier, to overcome the bleak future we’ve “gifted them.” 

The future looks brighter than ever!

The futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts humans will be partly or fully machine by 2050. As a futurist myself, I too see the same outcome predicted by Kurzweil if we continue to use old-world solutions to solve new-world problems.

It does not have to come to that, because I also see brilliant possibilities. We can start living better versions of ourselves, right now. We don’t have to age or get our parents’ diseases. We can heal ourselves completely. We don’t need machine replacements. And we don’t have to pass our misfortunes to future generations.

Thousands are already living this new paradigm 

How? By breaking through the limitations of today’s science. Using quantum neuroscience and the power of frequencies. We can tap into the natural intelligence within us. The intelligence we’ve forgotten about can make us feel human again. 

You may wonder, who am I to go against high-profile individuals like Ray Kurzweil, Tony Robbins, and the medical and scientific community? To answer that question, you need to know my history. Because if you understand what drives a person, you’ll understand how a single individual can change the course of humanity.

Strong impressions

At 11 years old, I accompanied my father to his office, where he had his practice as a physician and surgeon. An unfamiliar fear gripped me as I walked into the waiting room. From this childhood perspective, everyone looked very old. The room had the peculiar smell of age. My father glanced at me and said, “That’s what happens when you get old.” I sat in the waiting room as he disappeared into his office. It was a torturous 87 minutes. It wasn’t boredom, it was the fear of catching the “aging germ” that was closing in on me. 

Walking to the car, I saw an old woman with her dog. The sickly dog had a limp just like the woman. As we walked past, I heard the dog wheezing just like her. I started to sweat profusely. Why was I sweating? It was a cool day, and the walk was short. The obvious answer to a kid filled with fear was that I’d been infected. The aging germ, clearly shared between the woman and her canine companion, had now entered me and was yanking my youth out of me.

You likely understand that our thoughts can make us experience real physical symptoms, as in the term psychosomatic, which literally refers to the mind-body connection. I went home and stood under the shower for hours, hoping the gushing water would wash off the despair of the aging germ. Nightmares about death and decay haunted me. While time has allowed me to put this into better perspective, it was an eye-opening experience of the interplay between our minds and our physical health. 


This and many other experiences burnt a deep desire in me to find a real solution. Necessity gave rise to creation, to the point where I’ve done the impossible. I’ve journeyed to the end of space and time through 2 near-death experiences. And I’ve brought back solutions that are years ahead of our time.

Disease and aging are a riddle. My path to solving it has been a scientific process but without the traditional limitations. I’ve made innumerable mistakes, seeking, researching, and testing. Finding all the possible ways that don’t work, getting me closer to that one solution to unlock the natural abilities within us. More than a decade later, I have found it.

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