The garden industry: where are we at?


Gardening is a delight for most of us, there is something for everybody; from the physical and repetitive weeding to the creative landscaping. But what are the opportunities in the gardening industry? Do people still care about their garden like they used to? What are the trends for this new year? Follow our guide…

A big market

Gardening is big in the UK… People usually love their garden and therefore enjoy spending time taking care of it. According to the Horticultural Trades Association, “over two-thirds of British adults visit a garden centre every year and the combined area of the UK’s domestic gardens is roughly the same as the whole of Somerset!”. No doubt that there is business to make there with an estimated market value at around £5.7bn, the gardening industry has many beautiful days ahead.

Not just flowers

In the UK today, gardens are less about look and more about sustainability. Indeed, nowadays, more and more feel the need to be greener and to be able to live off the land.

However, the privilege of having a garden in an urban world brings people to be more creative and to adapt their taste and personality to their little green space. We also see more and more companies offering their services to cater to all garden sizes such as Premier Polytunnels, selling and even installing polytunnels in gardens to accommodate everybody. Polytunnels are becoming more popular among gardeners because they allow them to create a space safe from pests and harsh weather to grow their flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Having a garden is also a great way to be more in tune with nature but also to reduce anxiety, depression and to be artistic. We see a lot of families raising their kids to be more connected with nature. Even households with limited urban spaces and less time due to work commitments can create a low maintenance garden in smaller outdoor areas.

Profitable industry

Working in the gardening industry can bring a lot of opportunities. From tree surgery to landscaping or simply working in a garden centre, there are a lot of opportunities for everybody out there. Again, according to HTA, “568,700 jobs across the country are supported by ornamental horticulture and landscaping, equivalent to 1 in every 62 jobs!”

With gardening being so active and present in the UK, it is important to find a way to support that sustainably, we think of establishing bee hives, wildflowers, native plants, fruit and vegetables or preserving water resources.