The Importance of “Me Time” for Mental Health


Have you ever been at a point where you just feel like you are on a treadmill and there’s no stepping off? It seems as though everything and everyone in your life is on you about something and everyone needs an answer right now! Whether it’s the boss at work, the spouse, the kids, the extended family or friends, something is always tugging at you, and you get so wrapped up in their cares that you reach a literal point of exhaustion. This is the time when you need to get in a little ‘me time’ if you want to go on functioning with any rational thought or quality of physical health. Me time is good for you, and here are some reasons why.

It’s About Being in Sync

There is truth in the statement that in order to maintain good health, mental or physical, our bodies and minds need to be in sync. Just think about that for a moment. There are so many illnesses and diseases that originate in the brain, it would be next to impossible to count them all. Stress and emotional upset can cause a break in a synchronized path which is why stress so often leads to reduced immunity and a host of other issues that affect our physical wellbeing. Why is me time important? Once you are out of sync, you are no longer a whole you!

A Time to Recharge the Batteries

Me time also gives you a chance to step back away from everything that is bothering you mentally as well as physically. Physical stress is just as damaging as emotional stress, and this is why it is imperative that you take time to recharge the batteries. Some people simply binge watch their favorite programs on Amazon or Netflix while others enjoy the best online slots USA casinos have to offer. It’s not about winning or losing at this point. There’s nothing mentally taxing about a good game of pokies, you just spin the digital wheel and that’s all there is to it. It’s fast and fun and not at all taxing to the brain like a game of strategy would be.

Alleviating Stress

All of this leads to what may be the very most important tip at all. By finding things to do that are fun and relaxing during your ‘me time,’ you can often leave stress behind. As mentioned above, it goes without saying that stress takes a major toll on your body (and mind!) and this is why there are so many medications on the market formulated to alleviate stress. If it wasn’t important to your wellbeing, why would medical science keep searching for the magic elixir? Wouldn’t some much needed ‘me time’ away from all those cares and concern help you accomplish the very same results?

The main thing to take away from all this is that ‘me time’ is a time of healing. It’s a time of letting your body and mind find their way back to being in sync and it’s a time to recharge the batteries. While there are prescription medications that can help, adding a little ‘me time’ into the cure may even reduce your dependence on them! Give it a try.