The Krays – Dead Man Walking poster released


Hereford Films, the production company behind movies such as Vendetta, Bonded by Blood 2, Age of Kill and the We Still Kill The Old Way series has lifted the lid on the poster for its new movie The Krays – Dead Man Walking.

The film focuses on the Krays’ jailbreak and subsequent murder of Frank Mitchell, ‘the Mad Axeman’ which sparked Britain’s largest manhunt. Josh Myers (Rise of the Footsoldier 3) plays Mitchell, with Broadwalk Empire star Marc Pickering and NathanJohn Carter as the Krays. Eastenders icon Rita Simons plays Lisa Prescott, a night club hostess the twins hire to placate Mitchell and the cast is rounded out by Chris Ellison, Leslie Grantham, Nick Ball, Janine Nerissa, Guy Henry and making his screen debut Charlie Woodward, whose grandfather Edward was beloved by millions as the star of The Equalizer and The Wicker Man.

The Krays – Dead Man Walking is due to be released in the UK in September 2018.