The Latest Trends Driving London Apartment Design

London Design Week 2020, the largest design centre in Europe, recently unveiled the latest trends we can look forward to seeing in interior design. Comprised of elegant showrooms and talks, demos and workshops led by experts, the event showcased the very cutting edge in London interior design. Art collections, dark and moody kitchens, and silken flooring are some of the newest styles and features  to grace Londoner’s apartments.
Art collections
In a city known as a mecca of art and design, it’s no wonder that London apartments are incorporating beautiful artwork into their interior design. In particular,  designers are putting together impressive collections of modern abstract art, as well as large and striking dynamic sculptures and sculptural objets d’art. Traditional styles are typically being mixed with more modern pieces to create a captivating, unique and balanced look. Even coffee tables and entry tables are being thoughtfully accessorised with carefully curated piles of coffee table books and silver trays featuring candles, lacquered boxes and decorative bowls.
Dark kitchens
Londoners are  opting for dark and moody kitchen designs over the traditional classic white and simple look. Monochromatic colour schemes are an easy way to achieve a bold yet elegant look — whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen. In particular, kitchen wall tiles in shades like charcoal, navy, black and white are a popular choice.  Glazed ceramic tiles work well for kitchen backsplashes. Their sleek and glossy surface makes them easy to keep clean while lending a bright and modern look to the cooking space.
Silken flooring
The presence of beautiful silken flooring is now setting London homes apart from the rest. Whether in the form of carpet or rugs, silken flooring lends apartments a unique and luxury feel. In particular, silk rugs or silk-wool blend rugs are a simple way to add a sense of grandeur to a space. Londoners are opting for textured silk rugs or ones featuring muted and natural patterns. However, new methods of rug weaving are generating even more stunning options: for example, sisal and metallic threads can be looped into the rug, while hand-tufted cashmere and silk lend incredible texture.
2020 is set to be an exciting year for interior design in London. These are just a handful of the latest exciting design trends being used throughout London apartments.