The lesser-known Footballing Derbies you must watch this season


Is there anything more encapsulating in the world of football than a local derby?

From the intense rivalry to the heated debate, you can smell a derby a mile off in a rarity of a contest in which form goes completely out the window.

The rest of the season gets forgotten about for one day as the passion to win outweighs anything else and with football live streaming and odds galore on offer, no one has to miss a second of the action whether you are in the stadium, at home with friends or even at work taking a well-deserved break.

With the North London derby this weekend, we also realised there are still a lot of mouth-watering derbies to take place this season that you may not be familiar with; here’s some of our favourites below.

The Eternal Derby

On the third of February 2021, Romanian outfit FCSB travel to Dinamo Bucuresti for one of the hottest derbies in European football.

You may be forgiven for not being familiar with either side, but the pair have harboured a rivalry since 1948 with the games often descending into acts of hooliganism and violence between fans.

This isn’t helped by the fact that both sides have dominated Romanian football having won the league title between them a total of 44 times out of a total of 101 seasons.

The head to head record between the two is very even too with FCSB having claimed 62 wins, Dinamo Bucuresti 60 and a total of 57 draws in all competitions.

The Eternal Derby (again)

February is going to be a good month for football fans as another Eternal Derby is played this time between Croatian heavyweights Dinamo Zagreb and Hajduk Split on the 20thof the month.

The pair have been going at it since the 1920’s and has seen them compete against each other in Yugoslavia and now Croatia since its independence.

Since the country’s independence, between them, Zagreb and Hajduk have collected a monumental 25 out of 27 Croatian league titles between them and it is that rivalry and success that makes this a crucial, not-to-be-missed clash in European football.


Think of Sweden and you think of a calm nation, clean streets, Ikea, and meatballs, and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, what you might be aware of is a huge football rivalry between two side based in the capital Stockholm.

Djurgårdens IF and AIK have been going at each other since they were both founded just three weeks apart all the way back in 1891

That is how the name Tvillingderbyt came along (derby of the twins) and it is due to their rich history that this contest has become of the fiercest derbies in the world.

To make matters worse, the pair also boast ice hockey teams which only goes to fan the rivalry flames even further and make this derby not just a one discipline spectacle to behold and to keep the twin theme going, both sides have also won 12 Swedish league titles.