The London Dungeon releases stomach churning Instagram filter ‘Rotten Teeth’


It’s enough to make your teeth itch, your bum twitch and your phone glitch. If you’re as sick as we are of the relentless litany of pictures of so-called ‘influencers’ on social media with veneered teeth so bright and perfect they look like something Disney drew, then a horrible helping hand is here.

To mark the launch of its spine-chilling new show ‘The Dentist,’ the London Dungeon has today released its first ever ‘beauty’ filter – the ‘Rotten Teeth’ filter – bringing Victorian ways to the Instagram age.

Live on Instagram, the Rotten Teeth filter gives lowly peasants the chance to take an influencer worthy selfie – the Victorian way, where sh*tening was the new whitening.

In the 19th century, grimey brown teeth were today’s glistening ‘pearly whites’, signifying wealth and status amongst those who could afford to eat an exclusive, gentrified diet, containing expensive commodities such as sugar. But that show of decadence would lead to a spectacular demise when their teeth became so excruciatingly rotten and rancid that a backstreet dentist would yank them from their mouths, leaving them writhing in agony, gap toothed and gobsmacked.

To help assuage modern day concerns and bring back the rotten teeth trend, the iconic South Bank attraction decided to do what it does best and give the public the chance to laugh at something scary.

To spread some much-needed laughter, London Dungeon has tested the filter on the Instagram’s of modern-day celebrities Rylan Clark-Neal, Rob Beckett, Katie Price, Paige Turley, Ovie Soko, Piers Morgan and Boris Johnson – unbeknownst to them and reimagining them as Victorian A-listers trading in their ‘pearly whites’ for ‘rotten browns’.

If you too would like to look fit for a night of fine dining and discourse at Queen Victoria’s table as a fully-fledged Victorian influencer, give the London Dungeons’ ‘Rotten Teeth’ filter a try.

Speaking about the filter, a London Dungeon spokesperson said: “Back in the day, if you had teeth like a row of condemned houses you were considered to be like Kim K, not Kim Decay. But ultimately, the price of fashion is the stuff of nightmares, and you need to have nerves of steel and a strong gag reflex this summer, as our new show ‘The Dentist’ will take you to hell and plaque. Come to the London Dungeon and see for yourself, if you dare. The Dentist will see you now…”

The new London Dungeon show ‘The Dentist’ runs from July 24 to August 31 and is included in the standard ticket price. Guests foolish enough to face the new show will have their nerves put to the test by chillingly realistic and brutal dentist noises and gruesome, vomit inducing special effects guaranteed to put your teeth on edge. If you’re dentophobic, you best stay at home and crawl under your bed until it’s over. This show will realise your very worst fears… and more.

With 19 shows and thrilling rides, the London Dungeon promises to bring the city’s dark history to life delivering ample scream-drenched stories and fear-inducing shocks for a summer holiday experience that you’ll never forget.

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