The Single Boss finds the solution for single entrepreneurs

0 is the new go to for single entrepreneurs, the website acts as a hub for business types to mingle amongst like-minded people. The Single Boss arranges and hosts dating events in London for workers who struggle to meet people due to their jobs, the next event is on the 30thAugust at Perini and Perini bar, Oxford Circus. The night will consist of drinking, mingling and hopefully end in romance for this misunderstood group of type A people.

Entrepreneurs, business owners and super employees have difficulties meeting other singletons who are wired like them. Let’s call them jointly, the ’boss’ group. They often find it hard to romantically connect with people, but many know how to get on with others and network, they have too, but dating is hard, I’m talking shooting the breeze, getting into a relationship and simply having non-work conversations over a coffee.

Everyone loves success. It’s hard work becoming successful, but once you’re there you get laid (the tale goes). Just look at the state of many successful or aspiring people who have unsatisfactory relationships. Maybe it’s the type A meeting the type B and hoping to gel? Or the type B hitching their wagon to a shooting star and discovering that the ride’s too fast or bumpy, the independent did a great article on this and we’re here to expand on it.

You see, most people work 9-5, do their job well (or well enough not to get fired) and work is work. These people make up about 95% of the population, so there is inherently some conflict when they partner up with someone from the 5% kick-ass group, click here to see the top 10 reasons for conflict.

From experience and knowing many people in a similar situations, talking about their passion, with passion, is something their “other half” might not get. Date after date they run into the same issue, occasionally finding a gem, but it’s much more work than expected and work is hard enough as it is.

The Single Boss is not meant to sound in any way, shape or form elitist, exclusive or self-aggrandising, but the fundamental mindsets at play are different. Of course, there are people in the 95% who either ‘get you’, are happy for you or are close to doing something slightly out of the box themselves, but, it’s not a huge number.

So how do we solve this? What’s the solution? IS there one?

We believe so and if it’s not ‘the’solution, it’s a good way of addressing the problem. The specifically deals with this issue by bringing together singles from the ‘boss’ group to start things off on a harmonious foot. Be sure to reserve your place, as tickets are limited. Remember a lot of these people don’t meet as often as you may think, and when they do its usually strictly business. Time for a more leisurely approach don’t you think?