The Sober Advantage launch mental health and wellbeing scheme for footballers


The Sober Advantage, a wellness provider, is today launching a first for football, a coaching programme focused entirely on the player’s mental health and wellbeing. This is to coincide with the start of this years’ Mental Health Awareness Week.

The CEO, Dr Bunmi Aboaba, said “in my work as a wellness coach, I began to see professional footballers. I soon realised that they had unique problems – the constant risk of a career ending injury, suddenly being thrust into a new environment, and never ending press speculation. I knew we had to develop a programme specifically for footballers.”

Called the ‘Good Mental Health & Wellbeing Football Coaching Programme’, it is packed full of powerful techniques to quickly ground individuals struggling to manage stressful situations, low mood or addiction cravings. Other segments of the programme include regular, confidential discussions with a specialist Wellbeing Recovery Coach, and club wide initiatives to make emotional wellbeing discussions part of the culture.