The Story Behind Bag and Bones – The Coolest Home Decor Brand in the UK


Bag and Bones is an achingly cool art label that makes LED art for the home, office installations and any other space that lacks visual interest. But how did the latest IT brand and Instagram favourite even start in the first place?  

How Bag and Bones Started

Bag and Bones and their neon LED lighting pieces are the brainchild of sisters Gigi Foyle and her artist sister, Cavanagh. Gigi is based in London while Cavanagh resides in Dublin, but they didn’t let the issue of the Irish border get in the way of starting a company. They wanted to create a business that made customized pieces of art in LED strip lighting. They envisaged providing a product for customers that drew on their love of street and pop art. They painstakingly researched their product before launching their brand for two whole years – and their detailed and meticulous approach is clear in the brand’s look and product range.

Everything has been thought of. For example, Bag and Bones LED neon art is about as environmentally friendly as lighting can get. Their works actually use 70-90% less energy than conventional lighting that you see around the home. In doing so, they have not only founded a brand that makes pieces people actually wantin their home – but they are also making a statement about sustainability. Their products demonstrate that it is possible to make items that are friendly towards the planet and our energy consumption, that look good too.

The pieces are now on display and stocked at much desired shops, Harvey Nichols, Liberty and even Harrods. It’s not surprising given the quality of the product, but also how likeable the brand is. For starters, their Instagram feed is trendy without taking themselves too seriously. The two sisters have an about me section of video where they attempt to tell their audience about themselves but simply fall about in laughter instead. The brand is also very socially minded and determined to give back to society – which ties in well with their sustainable and ethical standpoint.

What Do Bag and Bones Offer?

Cavanagh also creates pop art canvases under her pseudonym MOTHERPOP and that has a direct influence on her creative process at Bag and Bones as their resident artist. Their neon light fixtures are quirky to say the least while preserving a street art edge due to the subject matter. Many of their pieces are playful and cheeky slogans or out of the ordinary images that all maintain an element of fun. Think phrases such as ‘I woke up like this’ or images like lips or flamingos.

The price point for one of their pieces starts at an affordable £39.99 for a premade light fitting. This can increase to much more for custom pieces, but the sisters are keen to emphasise that their business supports a customer throughout the whole customizable process. The result is a piece that customers always end up loving, making the investment worthwhile.