The Truth Behind IBIZA ROCKS Pool Parties … my experience in 2023


by Matt Martino || REVIEWS

A wonderful Wednesday afternoon led me to Ibiza Rocks Hotel for Joel Corry’s closing pool party for the summer 2023 season.

Sun tan filled and with a pre-drink inside me I decided to get into a taxi to one of the islands most renowned gems where I had managed to secure Premium Entry tickets for me and my lovely wife. Arriving just before 4pm we were graced with the sounds of Majestic who was warming up the crowd.

I must note that during our arrival, security had been respectful and lovely and we were promptly advised to the area which we had access to with these Premium entry tickets.

So the drama began after we tried to head from the dance floor to the Premium and we were informed we were not allowed to take our drinks to this area and only drinks purchased in this area could be drank there.

I then headed to the bar leaving my wife at the entry of the Premium area to get a glass of Prosecco – a glass I had got earlier in the area was €8, my glass of the same stuff from the Premium was €12, shucked at this I wandered why there was a stark difference however the bartender serving me gently whispered to me that it wasn’t up to her but it was a “management issue”, deciding not to make an issue of it I swiftly made a payment and makes my exit.

As I tried to make my exit a bulky urban security guard grabbed me trying to stop me from departing with the drink I had just purchased from the Premium Entry area where tickets cost upto €80 – I acted calm as the security officer made his rather forward and aggressive advances.

My honest opinion is that for a closing party the pool party was quiet and I found the rules made by the management and staff to restrict the left of fun and entertain one can enjoy.

Would I return again? Well I would need a  matched wage to that of the Headline Act (sorry I love you Joey) 🙄🔥🍾🍾🍾🍾

My final review of the whole day 2/5 – TWO STARS