The UK’s first vegan business conference comes to London in November


The UK’s first vegan business conference is coming to the London Olympia on the 12th and 13th of November.

Vegan Business Tribe Live will feature 20 speakers over two days, but unlike most business events aimed at the ‘plant-based’ sector, Vegan Business Tribe Live will only feature speakers from businesses that are run and founded by vegans.

The event has been organised by vegan sector experts David Pannell and Lisa Fox, founders of the online business support community ‘Vegan Business Tribe’, which launched just before the 2020 lockdown and has since grown to over 2,000 registered users.

David Pannell said, “It’s great that there are now so many events in the plant-based sector, but there are few places where vegan business owners can come together to learn from others who share the same ethics. For the majority of our members, their vegan business is their form of activism, their way to align their ethics with how they earn a living. That gives you totally different motivations to someone selling a vegan product because they are following the market trend.”

Vegan Business Tribe Live’s line-up of speakers includes founders of successful vegan businesses such as Mike Hill from One Planet Pizza, and vegan sector experts such as Louisianna Waring, the Senior Commercial Insight Officer at The Vegan Society. The event will also feature workshops on how to launch your own vegan podcast, how to get your vegan business in the news and how to write and publish your own vegan book.

The conference is taking part within the weekend-long VegfestUK expo that is celebrating its return to the London Olympia after a two-year absence due to the covid lockdown.

VegfestUK founder Tim Barford said,

“Vegan businesses have needed a lot of support over the pandemic and David and Lisa have offered that in spades with their unique brand of enthusiasm and advice. They have brought together a stellar line-up of vegan business rockstars for the Vegan Business Tribe stage at VegfestUK. Anyone who has a vegan business, or is thinking about starting one, should be camped out in their area for the whole weekend to learn everything that they can.”

There’s no additional cost to visit the Vegan Business Tribe Live event, with full access included in a standard VegfestUK ticket.

The area is also sponsored by Vegan Accountants, on which David Pannell commented:

“The very fact that we even have vegan accountants now shows just how far the vegan business sector has come. Everyone thinks about making food when they think about a vegan business, but only 50% of our Vegan Business Tribe members are involved with food and drink. If you run a vegan business you can now have a full supply chain that understands your vegan ethics: your web designers, your PR company and yes, even your accountants, can all be vegan.”

People can buy a day ticket for VegfestUK (which includes access to Vegan Business Tribe Live) for £10, or a weekend ticket for £15.

VegFestUK is also offering a special ‘bring a friend’ offer, meaning you can currently buy-one-get-on-free on all tickets to bring along a friend or partner for free.