The Ultimate Guide to The Cheltenham Festival Hospitality Packages and Tickets


The 2022 Cheltenham Festival is about to start in a matter of days on Tuesday 15th March, ending after four days of equestrian festivities and 28 thrilling National Hunt races on Friday, 18th March. Now is the best time to take a quick look through some of what there is on offer in terms of this year’s Cheltenham Festival hospitality packages.

Hospitality Packages from the Cheltenham Racecourse Restaurants

If you are looking to book a restaurant seat at the Cheltenham, you have the option of choosing from 13 uniquely exquisite establishments inside the facility. Each restaurant/bar/lounge serves delectable dishes made from rich, local produce. However, it’s the service that truly actualises the meaning of genuine hospitality, which each of Cheltenham’s hospitality packages are supposed to offer. Below, you will find the 13 restaurants, each offering their own hospitality packages during the Cheltenham Festival 2022:

Moscow Flyer
Festival Restaurant
Horseshoe Pavilion
Gold Cup Restaunrant
The Horse & Groom Pub
Cleeve Suite
Chez Roux
Champions Walk
Panoramic Restaurant
Final Fence
Parade Ring Viewing Restaurant (2022 Exclusive)
Four Eighty (2022 Exclusive)

Just like with all the other hospitality packages and tickets at the Cheltenham Racecourse, you will need to book them from The Jockey Club’s official website. If you are sure about booking a restaurant hospitality package, they have full brochures available for download, but they are exclusive to serious customers only.

Betting Packages

You don’t have to be present at the Cheltenham Racecourse to book one of the Betfair Cheltenham specials, but you can certainly enjoy them both simultaneously. From welcome bonus offers for new members to exclusive odds for old members, there’s a lot on offer here. These offers will provide the same incredible value, irrespective of whether you are sitting in a regular seat inside the Cheltenham Racecourse, nestled comfortably in your private box on the Princess Ryal Grandstand, or laying propped up on your own bed with the TV on!

VIP Packages from the Private Boxes

The private boxes are separated into three categories at the Cheltenham Racecourse. These would be:

The Parade Ring View Boxes
The Cleeve View Boxes
The Final Fence Boxes
The Chez Roux Private Boxes

For those wondering about the Royal Box, it is not available to even VIP guests this year because the Royal Family is expected to have a steady presence during the Cheltenham Festival on account of 2022 being the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Year as the constitutional monarch. Nevertheless, each of the private boxes at the Cheltenham offer exclusive hospitality packages, which are as follows.

Parade Ring View Boxes

These boxes provide guests with a close view of the Parade Ring, aka the paddock. Catch a close glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes, as horses meet up with jockeys in preparation for the race ahead. Feel the tension before the race even begins and see winners celebrate as they come back to the paddock. The hospitality package for parade ring boxes at the Cheltenham Festival include:

Coffee and biscuits in the morning
Lunch (4-course menu)
Tea and biscuits in the afternoon
Complimentary access to select wines, beers, and soft drinks only

Cleeve View Boxes

Closest to the finish line with a brilliant view of Cleeve Hill in background, the Cleeve View Boxes are located on the secondfloor. The height ensures guests can get a better view of almost the entire racecourse. If you want to enjoy the most picturesque view at the Cheltenham Racecourse, book a Cleeve View Box hospitality package with the same facilities as the Parade Ring View Boxes.

Final Fence Boxes

Just below the Cleeve View Boxes are the Final Fence Boxes on the first floor. With the same benefits and complimentaryinclusions as the Cleeve View Box packages, the Final Fence Boxes will bring you closer to the action by a floor, but the view will not be as comprehensive as it is from the secondfloor of course.

Chez Roux Private Boxes

If you want a truly private and premium experience from your hospitality package at the Cheltenham, the Chez Roux Private Boxes come pretty close to being the best, especially on St Patrick’s Day (Thursday, Match 17th). Not only are the third-floor seats inside each box allow guests to see the entire racecourse in unobstructed view, but their hospitality packages also include:

Champagne on arrival
Access to private balcony
Coffee, biscuits, and canapés
A prefixed lunch menu, or access to a multicourse buffet
Full bar access (no champagne) to spirits, wines, beers, and non-alcoholic drinks

Regular Tickets

For those wondering, each of the hospitality packages come with tickets included. However, you can purchase tickets separately to find seats inside the:

Best Mate Enclosure Flanking the finish line, these are the cheapest and arguably the most happening seats inside the Cheltenham stadium.
Club Enclosure You can access the entire stadium (publicly accessible) and you should be able to get a good view of the entire racecourse.
Tattersalls Enclosure These are seats on the Tattersalls grandstand viewing steps, right next to the Winner’s Enclosure.
Guinness GrandstandComplete with bars, better seats, better views, and live music, a Guinness Grandstand ticket is the most premium regular option.

Racecourse View Tickets

You will have to call the Jockey Club to even know if any of the Racecourse view tickets are still available, since they treat these Cheltenham Tattersalls Seats as a secret. For the most part though, these are exclusive to Club members. Getting access to Racecourse View seat will let you:

Sit in the grandstand for an excellent, unobstructed view
Enjoy a private retreat if you are looking to avoid big gatherings and too much noise
Access the Sovereign and Crest bars

Remember that the tickets are sold separately for each day, as are the hospitality packages. If you wish to get a package that guarantees you access to the Cheltenham Racecourse on all four days, contact them for further information.