These are the UK’s top 4 kiln-dried log suppliers


With thousands of UK households switching to wood heating, determining which logs and briquettes are suitable for you is more important than ever. As you may know, burning low-quality logs is harmful to both human health and the health of the environment. Whereas dry, high-quality firewood is considered to be a safe, clean, and sustainable source of heat by climate scientists.

To help make your next purchase of wood fuels a success, we’ve compiled a list of the UK’s top 4 best suppliers of logs and briquettes based on product quality, customer reviews, and satisfaction rates.

With most of the UK’s forest area being located in Scotland, it’s no surprise that 3 of these companies are located in the home of the brave. This being said, our #1 pick is a well-known national supplier that offers free delivery to clients all over the country. Let’s begin!

#1 Lekto Woodfuels: Wide Selection, Great Service, Free UK Delivery

The only major national supplier to make our list, Lekto Wood Fuels is an innovative wood fuel company based in North Shields. The company struck gold by combining the high product quality characteristic of niche suppliers with the wide logistical reach of major industry players. The company offersfree nationwide delivery on all orders over £75.

Why We Put Lekto at the Top of Our List:

A Stellar selection of quality products. Lekto’s online store offers the widest selection of products out of all companies in our top 4. They sell 6 different kinds of briquettes (including 8-Hour Night Briquettes & ultra-hot-burning Hardwood Heat Logs), several types of kiln-dried logs, as well as their own brand of firelighters and wood kindling.
Great customer service quality. If thousands of customer reviews are to be believed, Lekto’s customer service team is second to none. Questions are answered promptly. Returns and refunds are processed quickly. And issues are nearly always solved in the customer’s favour.
Near-perfect reputation. The company has a near-perfect 4.6-star rating on its Trustpilot page. Customers from all over the UK report being satisfied with the company’s products, delivery times, and customer service quality.
Free UK-wide delivery on orders over £75. Lekto offers free delivery to all parts of the UK, except for Northern Ireland and some more remote parts of Scotland. To unlock free delivery, a customer needs to make an order of at least £75.

#2 Treeline Scotland: Best Forestry in the Scottish Borders

Treeline Scotland is a family-run forestry business based in the Scottish Borders that sells firewood, wood fencing, forestry machinery, and various forestry services, including forestry consultancy and maintenance service. As wood fuel isn’t Treeline Scotland’s main source of revenue, their offering is somewhat basic. They sell hardwood logs, softwood logs, kindling, and firelighters. Their only briquette fuel comes in the form of pini kay logs under the Hotties Heat Logs brand.

Why We Put Treeline Scotland on Our List:

Long-established family business with a track record. Having been run by the Marshall family since 1991, Treeline Scotland has done a lot of good for the health of forests in the Scottish Borders.
Stellar supply chain. A forestry management business first and foremost, Treeline Scotland has a virtually unlimited supply of logs available to it 24/7. This means that the company’s clients don’t have to worry about products going out of stock.
Ability to choose between air-dried softwood logs. While kiln-dried hardwood logs are almost universally better than seasoned softwood logs, having more choice is always a good thing. If you can’t afford Treeline’s kiln-dried logs options, it’s good to know that you can save a few pounds by going the air-dried and softwood route.
Free delivery within 10 miles of West Linton. Free delivery is always a good thing. If you live in West Linton or nearby, shopping with Treeline Scotland is a no-brainer as you’ll get the products delivered free to your door. Delivery further than 10 miles will cost you between £12 and £48.

#3 Baltic Firewood Company: Quality Wood Products From the Baltics

Based in Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, the Baltic Firewood Company was established in 2010 and is currently run by Alexander and Nina Holmes. The company isn’t shy about the fact that it imports all of its logs from the Baltic States, hence the name of the company. The company sells kiln-dried birch wood, smokeless coal, burning peat, and wood kindling. They deliver logs to the entirety of Scotland.

Why We Put Baltic Firewood Company on Our List:

Ability to collect products in person and take delivery when you’re not at home. Baltic Firewood Company goes above and beyond when it comes to delivery options. If you have a van and would like to collect your logs yourself, you can do that without a problem by driving to Kilbarchan. And as there are no delivery papers to sign, you don’t even have to be at home to collect your delivery.
Free shipping to local postcodes. The company offers free delivery to the following local post codes: EH, FK, G, KA1-4, KA8-17, KA20-25, KA29-30, KY, ML, PA1-19. There doesn’t appear to be a minimum order value attached to this, either.
Quality products from the Baltic States. Baltic logs are well-known for their high quality. As the company imports its wood fuels directly from the Baltics, you can be sure that the firewood you receive is of very good quality.

#4 FirewoodXpress: Great Alternative to White Horse Energy

If you want to save money on kiln-dried logs but don’t want to compromise on quality, then FirewoodXpress could be a great option for you. Unlike other companies on our list, FirewoodXpress offers you the ability to save money by purchasing “wonky” and “imperfect” wood that doesn’t look beautiful but burns just as well as the handsome variety while costing less. The company delivers orders within 30 miles of Kilmarnock.

Why We Put FirewoodXpress on Our List:

Ability to save by buying off-cuts. You can buy a full tote bag of “wonky wood” (hardwood off-cuts) for just £35. This is a lot cheaper than buying “proper cuts”, so budget-conscious customers may be interested in this option.
No questions asked returns. Within 48 hours of receiving your order, you can return it. No questions asked! This is great for people who are interested in purchasing off-cuts but aren’t sure whether they’ll work with their wood stove.
Honorable Mentions
A new supplier on the scene is Firewood Farm they have not been around long enough to make the top 4 but they definitely get a honorable mention for their range of kiln dried firewood.