These New Developments in Live Streaming Change the Game


Live streaming has dramatically transformed how we consume entertainment, from music to TV and movies. The gambling industry has not been left behind. Live casino games are rated as more experiential, immersive, and entertaining.

Live streaming technology in the gambling industry is increasing in sophistication by the day.

Using technologies such as webcams and microphones, you can now play live casino games online as though you were in a real casino setting. Operators have found ways to bring live table games to you, including card and roulette wheels.

Today, live casino inventions are geared towards faster internet speeds, more entertainment, and high video quality. With increased competition and player options, operators are in a rush to improve game selections and enhance the streaming experience for live players.

Blackjack and roulette are some of the most iconic games in online casinos in the UK. Despite their popularity, playing these games online has never felt like the real thing, like when you sit down at a casino with a group of players and dealers.

Live casinos have changed that. They close the gap between online casinos and real-life casinos, introducing players to new cyber-physical realities. You can play these games in real-time and see and interact with other players and dealers.

Today your live casino game options are broad. You can try your luck in dice games, baccarat, poker, and many more. The experience of live casinos is today much better compared to a few years ago thanks to great inventions:

Nvidia Broadcast App

Earlier this month, Nvidia launched the Nvidia Broadcast App that takes live streaming to a new level. The new application introduces AI to a gamer’s live streaming setup, turning it into an actual live studio. The Nvidia application syncs microphones and webcams and turns them into smart devices with AI capabilities.

For example, in live video streaming, sound may be of low quality and live videos shaky. Nvidia Broadcast App remedies that. According to the gaming technology company, the app makes people look and sound better in live streaming situations.

The app has a noise removal function, frame stabilization features, and virtual template backgrounds. Nvidia Broadcast app uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for speedy data transmission between players, live cameras, and game control units.

Hyprsense Hypermeet

Hyprsense recently made a significant improvement to the live streaming landscape with facial recognition.

Their new facial recognition solution dubbed Hypermeet lets users create averters for use in online gaming. The solution is poised to improve online gaming security (where you don’t want to show your face) while enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Hypermeet uses real-time facial recognition to create and present a live virtual version that looks exactly like a gamer. You can create your averter and even endow it with your facial expressions and other unique details that describe you. This technology can potentially make live streaming much safer.

Microgaming and Hacksaw merger

Microgaming, which has produced many live games for London casinos, recently announced a merger with Hacksaw gaming. Microgaming creations are lauded as some of the most advanced in live streaming.

The new merger means that casinos that run on the developer’s platform can now increase offerings with Hacksaw’s hits, including Scratch Platinum and Stick ‘Em, Cubes.

Evolution Crazy Time

Earlier in the year, Evolution Gaming introduced Crazy Time. The wheel game features a large wheel with several bonus games. You can bet on extensive wheel sections such as numbers and bonus rounds.

The wheel game merges the gameplay of games such as Coin Flip, Cash Hunt Pachinko, Cash Hunt, and Crazy Time. Bonuses are triggered every six minutes in the game. Crazy Time is a lollapalooza for the future of live casino games.

PokerStars Virtual Reality Poker

Several online casinos have started adopting the VR technology for their games. VR technology has been around for a while; however, its high costs have primarily impacted its use in the gaming industry. PokerStars VR Poker is a trailblazer and helps to show the industry how the future could look like in a few years.

The VR game launched in late 2018 offers gamers a fully immersive poker environment through the Oculus Rift. Players have the ability to manipulate cards and chips and talk to virtual tablemates. The game was built in partnership with Lucky VR, the company that created SlotsMillion VR in 2015.

The platform includes an in-game camera for live streaming and interacting with other players, and the ability for players to enjoy virtual cigars and share the experience on social media.

Players can also choose to play in Early Access mode to experience firsthand the new VR features before they are released to the world. PokerStars hosts several poker tournaments on the platform, some daily and others weekly.

These inventions and developments in the live streaming scene are a possible glimpse into the future of online gaming. Live casinos offer an elevated gaming experience that is entirely different from traditional casino gaming.