Thinking of Selling in the New Year? Spend Christmas Getting Your Home in Selling Shape!

Toy house and calculator on the table

An eventful year is nearly over and many people are planning for a more liberal 2021. Selling your property fast is on the mind of many home sellers as most are scared of another punishing lockdown.

Property buying company, House Buy Fast, who are located in Worthing, West Sussex are specialists in selling your house fast and have some top selling tips if you’re looking to sell in 2021.

Presentation Is Key

An obvious fact but how your property is presented is key to selling your property. Neglected looking properties do not look attractive to prospective buyers!

  • Keep the lawn trimmed. Overgrown grass can be an eyesore for any buyers looking to imagine themselves in your property.
  • Not very practical but when having house viewings make sure you hide away your roadside bins as they can look a bit messy, first impressions are everything!
  • Can you make your garden a bit more secluded? Most people can be off-put by an overlooked garden. Fencing can prevent this, but you could also grow your hedges although that would take a tad longer!

You might have heard of the term of ‘kerb appeal’ – it means that people have often made up their minds about the property they’re interested in from the outside.

Jonathan Rolande, Director of House Buy Fast, said “Clean your windows! An obvious solution but one that many home sellers miss! Dirty windows make the property seem unloved and unkempt from the outside. Cleaning your windows will also make the property brighter inside”.

Another presentation tip from Jonathan, “Give your hedges and other greenery a trim as not only can they look messy, they will also block light from getting inside your property!”

Staging Your Property

Showcasing your home like a property developer is a good way to grab attention.

  • This should go without saying but make sure you tidy up the home before any prospective buyers visit the property. No one wants to see your dirty dishes and dirty clothes.
  • Get the beds made. Neutral colours and accessories are your best bet as they won’t turn off as many potential buyers.
  • Another easy win is to make the property smell good. Potentially bake a fresh batch of cookies for a fresh baked goods aroma, or simply buy a scented candle.
  • Ensure the temperature is just right! Not too warm and not too cold. Easier said than done!

There are most certainly more staging tips that will help you sell your property quickly in 2021, so get your property in selling shape for a smoother and happier year.

Merry Christmas.