This Ambitious Program Will Let You Study Online at a UK University


Higher education has always been at the forefront of society’s development. After all, what better way to guarantee a bright future for people than by providing them with the knowledge and tools to really make a difference? But in some parts of the world, access to higher education is limited, either due to financial constraints or a lack of opportunities. For this reason, it’s good to see that the UK has opened up the doors of some of its finest learning establishments through online course programs that are accessible to students from across the globe.

35 UK Universities join in

The Study UK campaign is hosted on the FutureLearn platform and contains 325 massive open online courses from 35 UK universities. Some of the subjects covered include robotics, sustainability, video game design and many others. All students are welcome to visit the platform and verify their eligibility.

Those residing in the non-OECD countries of the world can enjoy a free upgrade as long as they register before the 31st of January 2020. This enables them to access the courses for an extended duration of time. They can also take tests at no additional charge, and will be granted a digital certificate for successfully completing at least five steps on any given course. A total of 50,000 free upgrades will be made available, limited to one for every eligible student.

Why participate?

No matter what your financial capabilities are, you stand a chance at getting top-quality education from some of the top universities in the United Kingdom. The courses are designed to be as entertaining and interactive as possible, offering priceless info about topics that are in high demand in this day and age. What’s more, it offers eligible students a chance to see what the standards for higher education are in the UK. Education in the UK is supplemented by essay writing service for students from Great Britain – this opportunity will make the process of study easier and will help to achieve really good results.

Some may be inspired to continue their education within the nation, while others will be able to use their digital certificates for finding gainful employment in their field of choice. Either way, for gifted students in economically-challenged parts of the world, having the opportunity to experience education at the highest level can be a real boon to their future success.

Course content and structure

Once you’ve completed registration, there are numerous courses to choose from, coming from prestigious institutions like the University of Leeds and St. George’s in London. Courses are structured in such a way that they can be completed even while working full-time, with the vast majority of them lasting anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks and requiring around 2-4 hours of study time per week. It’s important to mention that all courses can be completed on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, so you can also learn on the go.

Educators will be on hand to provide guidance and support, both in the form of specific tasks and a recommended reading list for further immersion into the subject. Some of them will also have teaching assistants who will be able to interact with students one-on-one in order to foster discussion and interactivity. As for pacing, all courses are designed to be as flexible as possible, allowing students to set their own pace as they move towards completion.

Other online learning opportunities

If you aren’t eligible for participation in Study UK’s program, fret not. There are other courses available online that can set you on the path to gainful employment. For instance, is a UK-based platform that allows you to search through a variety of accredited courses to see which ones match your goals and interests. Keep in mind that certain UK sectors are currently facing acute labor shortages, so specializing in one of them may be a prudent decision.

All in all, getting having a good knowledge base is still essential when it comes to finding your dream job. So if you’re interested in furthering your education, always be on the lookout for promotions like the one currently offered by Study UK. But keep in mind that the Internet is vast and chances are the perfect opportunity is already out there, just waiting for you to come and grab it.