Three reasons why a sleeping sofa is a better option than a bed


It used to be a miracle to sleep on the sofa at night, and the mornings were extremely hard because of a sore body. Fortunately, today’s sofas for the most part do not resemble those old torture devices, and can be even more comfortable than beds. Interested? Then see three reasons why you should choose the sofa bed!

Visits of unexpected guests

Long-lost friends came to visit, and you had so much fun that they decided to stay overnight? Don’t panic! If you have a sofa bed in your flat, you do not have to worry about the lack of an additional bedroom. This way you also save space, because you do not have to store air mattresses or folding travel beds in the corners. The downside in this case may be that if you choose a very comfortable sofa, your guests’ visits may be longer, or they may drop by more often.

The perfect solution for small areas

Do you live in a tiny flat or rent a room, and every square meter is worth its weight in gold for you? Then you will surely appreciate an unusual piece of furniture, which is undoubtedly a sofa bed. Modern sofas are designed in such a way that if you don’t count the unfolding process, you won’t even notice the difference between them and the bed. You can also choose from two- and three-seater furniture or corner sofas, so you can easily choose the perfect sofa for your space.

A sofa with sleeping function – a universal piece of furniture

There is probably no other such universal piece of furniture as a sofa with sleeping option. Well, what else can you say about a piece of furniture that can be described in three words: simplicity, comfort, practicality.

During the day, the sofa can easily be used as… a sofa. You will be able to sit back on it comfortably and watch your favourite TV program or have a coffee with your friend.

At night, when unfolded, your sofa turns into a place of comfortable rest. Thanks to the progress in production technology and, undoubtedly, consumer demand, contemporary lounge furniture is created to provide users with adequate support for the spine and healthy sleep.

Do you need extra storage space? That’s great! Many fold-out sofas have hidden chests, where you can easily fit, for example, additional blankets or spare bedding.

In short, sofa beds are easy to use and practical. If you decide to buy this piece of furniture, be sure to consider the available space so that you choose a sofa of the right size and shape. Don’t forget that the selection of a proper pattern and colour is equally important.