Tigerlily Hill: A Fashion Designer For All


Can a designer manage to appeal to varying markets and still be successful? For Tigerlily Hill, the answer to this question is a resounding yes! Many people believe that a stylist has to pick a niche. You’re either appealing to the rich and famous (the celebrity crowd) or you are trying to woo the average Joe. Hill has proven that you can do both and reap success!

Hill a designer named as one of the up and coming talents to watch by Essence Magazine has been wooing and wowing both types of crowds with her creations. While her rise to fame is definitely backed by her talent, she was thrust into the spotlight when she appeared in the 2008 VH1 reality fashion show Glam God. The show was essentially a competition between twelve stylists. Each stylist was expected to show their talent by creating ensembles for their clients to wear. Hill had an impressive showing and by the end of the show she had copped the runner up position, having won three of the challenges and scoring high in another four.

The show sparked a fastrack in Hill’s career and soon she was designing for hollywood’s biggest stars. She also decided to start her own fashion line Crown Atelier, which later turned into a huge success.  Hill’s combination of natural talent for fashion and formal training (she holds a first degree in Business from the University of Iowa and studied apparel manufacturing in London).

Designing for the Stars

Mega stars in the global entertainment industry wear Hill’s creations. Hill has been instrumental in the stunning looks sported by celebrities like Hillary Duff, Jennifer Anniston, Britney Spears and Grace Byers.  She has also managed wardrobe and costume for numerous events including performances and award shows. Several musicians, including bands, have been outfitted by Hill.

Designing for the World

But  while Hill’s work appeals to celebrities, everyday people are never excluded. In fact she prides herself on creating pieces that are sophisticated, timeless and comfortable. This is perhaps why she has been able to win over millions of faithful fans from around the world.  People gravitate to her work because they are able to look gorgeous while still remaining comfortable and when they invest in a Crown Atelier item, they can be confident that it will remain in style for years to come.

Another perk for Hill’s average citizen clients is the availability of her size inclusive eco-friendly resort line NBNB (nothingbutnetbody.com) . She has collaborated with her best friend, Caymanian model Nik Stewart. Fans can also shop at the online store tigerlilyhill.us/shop. To keep all her fans regardless of status in touch with her work and continuously engaged, Hill maintains social media pages on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The performance of these pages is proof that Hill is winning over fans from all over. On Facebook, she has over 3,000 followers and thousands of likes. Her Instagram account follower stats is fast approaching four thousand and her Twitter account has attracted almost 800 followers.  And when it comes to saying how they feel about Miss Hill and her work, her fans are not shy at all. Among the popular comments on her social media pages are ‘absolutely’ ‘gorgeous’, ‘cute’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘amazing‘.

Whether you want to look glamourous and glitzy, chic and trendy or sophisticated and carefree, Hill, The universal stylist, has an outfit that will do the trick. Her existing fans have come to know and love her knack for creating perfect pieces and this universal approach to fashion is earning her a rapidly growing global clientele.