Tips and tricks to maintain your fabric sofa


A Sofa is the most used piece of furniture in our home for comfortable seating. children often jump on these sofas during playing, and we usually dump our clothes on these sofas so they are prone to wear and tear.

To extend the lifespan of these sofas, maintenance and proper care are required just like our cars and homes, but the good thing is their maintenance is cheaper and requires less time and resources. Different types of sofa fabrics like cotton, linen, and pure leather are available in market, that’s why different techniques are used for their maintenance. In this blog post, we will discuss the best methods of cleaning a fabric sofa

Best Methods to Clean a Fabric Sofa

By using the following methods, you can clean a fabric sofa. 

1-Regular use of vacuum and soft brush

To remove dust and small debris vacuum your sofa regularly. Moreover, by using a soft brush attached to a vacuum, you can avoid fabric damage This is the common method used for fabric cleaning

2-Avoidance of direct sunlight

Direct sunrays can damage the fabric by changing its colour These sun rays can fade the fabric’s original colour and give it an older look, so you should place your sofa in a way that direct sunlight can not reach it

3-Spot cleaning technique

This technique is used to remove stains, marks and spills from a particular part of fabric that has stains and marks. a moist cloth and paper towel is used to blot the spill and then a fabric cleaner is used to clean the spot

4- Employ professional cleaners

If your sofa  usage is heavy and stains are difficult to remove, you can  use professional cleaners to clean your sofas These professionals have the expertise and tools to restore your sofa to its original shape and colour without damaging it

5-Keep away from sharp objects

Sharp objects like knives scissors pet claws and your jewellery can put scratches and punctures in your sofa fabrics so all these objects must be kept away from your sofa

6-selection of an appropriate fabric             

Choose the sofa fabric according to your lifestyle and daily usage

  • Cost-effective fabric

If you want cost-effective fabric then cotton fabric is best for your sofa  

  • Easy-to-clean fabric

 Leather fabric is easy to clean

  • Luxury lifestyle fabric

 If you want a luxury touch for your sofa, then velvet fabric is best for you

  • Kids friendly fabric

If you have kids in your home then wool and wool blend fabrics are an excellent choice because fewer wrinkles appear on it wool fabric is easy to spot clean in case of spills.

How to Clean a cotton fabric?

Step1-Brush your couch by using a stiff brush or a towel to remove dirt and debris

Step2-baking soda is applied to the whole sofa for at least 20 minutes to an hour

Step3-now cleaning solution is used  which is made by combining 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and 1 cup of water

Step4-which the help of a cleaning solution, clean stains on your fabric

Step5-now air dry your sofa for a few hours

For velvet and suede couches, deep cleaning methods are used 

7-Regularly rotate your cushions

If your sofa has cushions that are removable instead of fixed cushions, rotate them regularly to avoid wear and tear and maintain the appearance of cushions .it also gives a new look to your sofa as well by just changing your sofa covers.

8- Use of slip covers

A slip covered sofa is simply a sofa that uses covers that are washable and removable these are used when you don’t want to buy a new sofa instead you change your sofa covers and get a new look

9-Keep changing your sitting spot

Instead of sitting on the same side and in the same spot on your sofa every time which could damage the fibres of the sofa, change your spot every time you sit on the sofa to avoid wear and tear of the same side of the sofa.

10-Regular flipping and fluffing of your sofa cushions

For maintaining the better shape of your cushions and avoiding the uneven wear and tear of your cushions, flipping them regularly is beneficial. fluffing is done by pushing the cushion from opposite sides multiple times. this fluffing not only restores the original shape of your pillow but also gives you the comfy feeling that you require for your comfort.

What are the benefits of using Arm Covers and back throws?

Protection of HIGH-Contact areas such as the arms and back of your sofas is essential for your sofas’ longer lifespan. We can achieve this by using Arm Covers and decorative back throws. they help reduce wear and tear on your  furniture and also provide us an extra layer of padding  that makes them more comfortable to use

Always check the care label

Always pay attention to   the care label that is attached to your sofa  before cleaning your sofa fabric, this label provides you with necessary information  about  cleaning methods and precautions that are required for cleaning

Steam cleaning

For deep cleaning of sofa fabrics this technique is used, it removes dirt odours and stains from fabric without chemicals. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you are using steam cleaning techniques

 Dry cleaning for silk and velvet fabric

For silk and velvet fabric, dry cleaning is used to remove stains and spills

Common mistakes to avoid for cleaning your fabric

  • One common mistake that we make is allowing stains and dirt to settle instead of cleaning them immediately. If the stain stays for a longer time, then it will be more challenging to remove it
  • You should not completely soak your sofa while you are removing stains from a small region, so avoid over-watering the fabric

 Tips for post-cleaning maintenance

  • To avoid significant damage, you should remove stains as soon as they occur. 
  • Regular vacuuming is beneficial for your sofa fabric as it helps in removing dirt and dust from your furniture.
  • regularly rotating and flipping your sofa cushions can help you to evenly distribute the wear and tear of your fabrics.
  • To avoid spills and stains on your sofa, you should avoid eating on your sofa.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions for better and more effective cleaning of your fabrics.

 Special considerations for maintaining your fabric

  • When you are cleaning stains and dust from your fabric, always know about your fabric type.
  • If you have pets and children, lint rolls are the best tools to remove pet hairs. Use them regularly for better results.

Final Words

We have mentioned the best methods through which you can clean your fabric sofa. However, you need to implement these tips properly.