Togliattiazot: History, Strategy, Culture, and Sport

Top Facts about Togliattiazot company. PJSC is the largest Russian chemical fertilizer producers. Founded in 1979 with 6,000 employees.


About the company

Togliattiazot (TOAZ) is one of the most important enterprises in the chemical industry of Russia, one of the three majоr ammonia producers in the country and one of the tоp ten world leaders. It is the only chemical plant in the world capable of prоducing 3 million tons of ammonia annually. The main activity of TOAZ is the production of mineral fertilizers and chemical products. Today, the plant includes seven units for the production of ammonia and two units of urea, located on more than 200 hectares of the production site.

Since its foundation, Togliattiazot has played a significant role in the develоpment of the chemical industry of the country, and in ensuring the well-being of the hometown of Togliatti and the entire Samara region. TOAZ is one of the five largest taxpayers in the region, and also provides jоbs for more than 5,000 citizens. In addition to the Russian Federation, their customers are located in dozens of countries on five cоntinents. TOAZ capacities make it possible to provide about 20% of demand in the Russian market and 11% of world ammonia exports. An uninterrupted supply is guaranteed by a well-developed infrastructure: in addition to its own railway fleet of more than 1,400 wagons, TOAZ has access to the unique Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline with the length of over 2,000 km.

High standards of corporate policy of TOAZ make it possible to declare that their social package is оne of the best in the industry. Each employee receives high-quality medical care and spa treatment. Young specialists and labor veterans are guaranteed material support. Thanks to preventive work at Togliattiazot, not a single occupational disease has been identified since 2007.

TOAZ lives and develops in Tolyatti, so taking care of their native region is of utmost importance to the company. Their laboratories constantly monitor compliance with environmental standards in and around the workplace. Every day, not only the employees of the enterprise, but also the townspeople and residents of the Samara region use the social facilities of TOAZ. Modernization, technology, ecology, human capital – all these are the priorities of the development of Togliattiazot. Continuous progress has allowed the company to reach serious heights, becoming the largest producer of ammonia in Russia.

History of the company

At the beginning of the 20th century, the scientific community of different countries began experiments on the binding of atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia as the basis for other compounds that began to be used in agriculture and the chemical industry, respоnding to growing fears of food shortages due to the rapidly growing population of the Earth. The large territories of the country, not fully suitable for agriculture, required a significant amount of fertilizers safe for the soil and the environment. To solve this problem, at the end of the 60s of the last century negotiations were initiated on the supply of equipment and the organization of domestic ammonia production. From this moment, the story of Togliattiazot starts.

In 1973 an agreement was signed between the structures of the USSR and the USA on the supply of equipment. Within the next few years, the construction of the factory in Tolyatti and the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline was started. In 1979 the company produced – the first ton of ammonia.

Since the beginning of the 80s, prоduction facilities have been built and commissioned at the enterprise using the latest technоlogical advances. The production of new prоducts is growing in response to the needs of agricultural producers within the country and as part of the implementation of agreements with fоreign partners, the deliveries of which are carried out through a unique ammonia pipeline with a length of more than 2,400 km. In 1981 – 1986 the commissioning of the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline, the urea-formaldehyde resin plant and ammonia unit No. 7 was performed. In 1983 the first batch of liquid carbon dioxide was produced. In 1990 the ammonia water production unit started its operation.

The team of Togliattiazоt met a time of change under the leadership of Vladimir Nikolayevich Makhlai who headed the enterprise in 1985. In the transition period, оwnership changed and further diversification of productiоn followed. Workshops for the production of building materials are organized to meet the needs of the market, and the chemical direction is cоmplemented by the production of KFK. In 1992 Togliattiazot was transformed into a joint stock company ans started producing building materials. In this period, Vladimir Nikolaevich Makhlai was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of the plant. In 1998 the KFK plant started working.

The transition to the new millennium cоincided with the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the work of Togliattiazot. Overcoming the historical milestone and accelerated ecоnomic development of Russia in the early 2000s required the introduction of new technologies, modernization and expansion of production capacities to satisfy the demand in the wоrld market. This idea was reflected in the comprehensive modernization program adopted in 2012. In the early 2000s, Togliattiazot began a major infrastructure project – a terminal for transshipment of ammonia and urea is being built on the Black Sea in the port of Taman.

In 2003 the construction of the port in the Krasnodar Territory was started. In 2008 the ultraviolet disinfection unit started operating at the treatment plant. The “Modernization Program 2011-2020” was launched in 2010. The next year Sergey Vladimirovich Makhlai was elected the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. In 2012 the modernization of the 2nd and 7th ammonia units was completed.

Updating production and new economic realities required updating as part of top management. So, Vyacheslav Valeryevich Suslov was appointed the new general director of Togliattiazot, who, based on experience and best practices, was able to keep the company in the zone of a positive balance sheet and continued modernization, both in the technical part and in the management sphere.

In 2015 the modernization of the 4th and 6th ammonia units was completed. In 2016 the first phase of the overhaul of the urea unit No. 2 and ammonia units No. 2 and No. 32016 was finished. The company launched the project for the construction of the third urea unit. In 2018 a large-scale overhaul was completed at the urea unit No. 2, including the installation of an automatic process control system, replacing the reactor, replacing the steam-water circuit of the boiler. In 2018 is notable for the increase of the throughput of own railways, completion of ammonia unit No. 7 overhaul and the construction of urea unit No. 3.

Production process

Togliattiazot is the only chemical enterprise in the world that can produce 3 million tons of ammonia every year. It mainly produces such mineral fertilizers as ammonia, urea and KFK. In addition to the production of mineral fertilizers, the company also produces bricks, super-thin basalt fiber, refractory materials and consumer goods. The plant exports its products to 120 countries.

One of the vital investment projects of Togliattiazot is the construction of a deep-sea seaport for transshipment of ammonia. There are also some other economic cargoes on the Taman Peninsula (Temryuk district, Krasnodar Territory). Over the past years, the company has invested enormous amounts of money in implementing the port project; most of the facilities necessary for launching have long been ready. Their construction was carried out at a high-rate level for environmental and safety requirements.

Togliattiazot has been investing lots of money in the development of the social infrastructure of the Temryuk district of the Krasnodar Territory, and is involved in social and charity work. Thus, a gas distribution station was built in Temryuk district, a gas pipeline was constructed in village Volna, the construction of a railway station and of the residential buildings for company employees was completed. The first phase of the port has created new jobs and raised the regional economy.

Togliattiazot is proud to be involved in a project providing the southern route of domestic products delivery, not just chemical products, to the international markets, which is strategically important for the Russian economy. The state significance of the port terminal on the Taman Peninsula has been repeatedly declared by the leadership of Russia.

Strategy of work

Since 2011, Togliattiazot has launched a program for the modernization of production facilities. PJSC Togliattiazot focuses on a long-term development program to strengthen its competitiveness in the global chemical market. TOAZ strives to achieve maximum business efficiency: it modernizes production, streamlines management processes, reduces environmental pollution, and invests in human capital and the prosperity of the region.

Strategic priorities

Remaining leading positions in the global chemical industry

Togliattiazot is one of the 5 largest producers of ammonia: the enterprise produces almost 20% of all ammonia in Russia and about 10% in the world.

Production Stability and Efficiency

Since 2012, Togliattiazot has implemented a program for the modernization of its production capacities. The program will act until 2022. Within its framework, a full-scale modernization and repair of all production infrastructure facilities is carried out, including two unique isothermal tanks for storing liquid ammonia with a volume of 30,000 tons each, seven ammonia units and two urea units, biological treatment plants and railway infrastructure.

In 2017, TOAZ started the construction of the third urea production unit that has the capacity of 2,200 tons per day. The project involves the construction of the unit that can reduce the level of emissions into the atmosphere due to the use of modern technologies. TOAZ invested over 9.5 billion rubles in the construction. Commissioning of the facility took place in 2019.

In 2018, the company started the construction of a new installation for the production of ammonia from purge gases. Its capacity is 1860 tons per day. The project is based on a technology new to the Russian chemical industry: purge gases from units are used as raw materials for ammonia synthesis. The use of the company’s own resources has increased the installation efficiency greatly, while the negative impact on the environment was reduced.

The process of producing ammonia from purge gases proceeds practically without the formation of liquid and gaseous wastes. The total emissions of the new installation are 0.27% of the emissions of the entire enterprise. Besides, the reduction in process steps has reduced energy consumption to 8.5 Gcal per ton of ammonia. Commissioning is expected in 2020.

Market expansion

TOAZ produces 20%of mineral fertilizers in the Russian market. The construction of the transshipment complex in Taman in the Krasnodar Territory does not only ensure the stability of cargo flows, but has also expanded the geography of product supplies.

Industrial safety, labor protection and environmental protection

The company works in accordance with the requirements of environmental legislation and seeks to provide safe working conditions for employees and prevent any accidents. The TOAZ development strategy until 2022 includes environmental measures to reduce the negative human impact on the environment.

Effective management for long-term competitiveness

The maximum efficiency of enterprise management is the priority of TOAZ management. Since 2013, TOAZ has been consistently implementing the Transformation Program, which defines the development and optimization of the main business processes of the company, including budget policy, design activities, production and repair planning, document management, remuneration and motivation systems.

Reputation of a reliable employer

TOAZ provides social guarantees to employees and strives to create comfortable working conditions, as well as invests in the development of human resources. Almost four hundred labor dynasties work at Togliattiazot, which makes the company a good employer.

Homeland Development

Togliattiazot is one of the vital taxpayers in the Samara region. The enterprise invests in regional sports, charitable, educational and cultural projects, as well as in the development of the social infrastructure of its native Togliatti.


Environmental protection is a critical component of strategy of the development of Togliattiazot. The company operates in accordance with regulatory documents approved in accordance with environmental legislation. Even at the construction stage of Togliattiazot, it was taken into account that Togliatti already had a sufficient number of large industrial enterprises. Therefore, the Togliattiazot industrial complex was moved outside the city limits; it is located at a distance of 12 km from the nearest residential areas. When designing its location, the wind rose was also taken into account. Due to this, the work of the enterprise does not have a negative impact on the atmosphere of Togliatti.

Systematic work to reduce environmental impact at Togliattiazot is carried out in two directions:

  • Development and implementation of the latest technologies that meet the latest environmental standards.
  • Modernization of existing technological equipment at existing facilities. For example, the introduction of two plants of the Italian company Monsanto for the evolution of hydrogen from purge gases, which were previously flared, allows it to be reused as a raw material component in the ammonia synthesis unit.

A mobile environmental laboratory allows to quickly determine the source and to track the dynamics of the spread of pollution. Compliance with environmental standards is monitored by the sanitary-industrial laboratory and the laboratory of biological treatment facilities. To monitor atmospheric air in the sanitary protection zone of the enterprise and on the industrial site, a modern mobile environmental automated laboratory was purchased. It has passed the accreditation of Gosstandart and meets the requirements of Roshydromet.

The basis of the measuring complex is a highly sensitive infrared spectrometer-interferometer MV-100 of the BOMEM company. It is controlled by a computer, which can automatically determine the composition of atmospheric air by 20 ingredients every 2-4 minutes, which is 100-500 times faster than traditional methods of measuring atmospheric composition air. At the request of the ecological service of the city hall, the Togliattiazot laboratory is often involved in measurements in various areas of the city.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, but is involved in creating a greenhouse effect. At Togliattiazot, this ammonia production waste is used in the synthesis of urea, and liquid and solid carbon dioxide are produced. Due to the secondary use of carbon dioxide in production, it is not emitted into the atmosphere.

Biological treatment facilities

Togliattiazot’s own biological wastewater treatment plants provide this degree of wastewater treatment for the enterprise and several districts of the city. The enterprise has its own biological wastewater treatment plant (BF), which treats not only the wastewater of the enterprise, but also the wastewater of the Komsomolsky district of the city and the sewage of village Povoljskiy. But before entering the BFW, the wastewater of the enterprise is subjected to preliminary treatment at 9 local facilities available in all the main workshops of the enterprise and to mixing at the wastewater control and treatment unit. Wastewater after biological treatment at the Togliattiazot wastewater treatment plant is classified as “normatively treated”. In the Samara region, only two biological wastewater treatment plants provide this degree of wastewater treatment.

To improve the disinfection system of treated wastewater at the treatment plant, a modern ultraviolet disinfection station was commissioned. It allowed to choose the necessary dosage of chlorine for disinfection of wastewater. Currently, Togliattiazot is implementing a project to modernize treatment facilities in order to return up to a third part of effluents to the production process, thereby reducing river water consumption.

Charity and Social Initiatives

For TOAZ Togliatti is a native and beloved city. Thousands of factory employees live here. It is important for the company to provide a comfortable environment in the city at all levels – social, material and cultural. Therefore, the enterprise is actively involved in the comprehensive development of the city and the region. TOAZ is consistently implementing a long-term program of corporate social responsibility, providing charitable and sponsorship assistance in several key areas:

Education and enlightenment:

  • The intellectual club “Chemistry of the Word” has been operating in the format of an open city lecture hall since 2017. From September to May, twice a month, residents of Togliatti attend popular science lectures by famous Russian scientists, journalists, psychologists, and artists.
  • The program “Chemistry of experience” is designed for people over fifty years old. It’s aimed at improving the skills and development of relevant skills in people of pre-retirement age.
  • A series of lectures and performances about Russian classical literature “Literary Orchestra” in conjunction with the educational site Arzamas.
  • The program of assistance to educational institutions of Togliatti as part of career guidance and environmental improvement programs. TOAZ helps sponsored schools and Togliatti State University (TSU).


  1. The Togliattiazot Palace of Culture is the largest city leisure center where key cultural events, sporting events and educational events take place.
  2. Scholarship program for young talents of Togliatti “Impulse”, which is implemented in conjunction with the charity fund “Not Indifferent” and the Togliatti Philharmonic.
  3. Concert subscription “TOAZ Music Hall” allows to attend concerts in the “Togliattiazot” recreation center.
  4. Video contest “Welcome to my Togliatti” was held in 2017 in conjunction with the Togliatti Museum of Local Lore.
  5. Photo contest “The Samara Luka: Four Seasons” in conjunction with the Samarskaya Luka National Park.
  6. Photo contest “Togliatti. Declaration of love in conjunction with TCM.
  7. Competition of excursion routes “Meet. Tolyatti” in conjunction with the Department of International and Interregional Relations of the Administration of the city of Tolyatti and TCM.
  8. Support for festivals, organization of exhibitions.


TOAZ is actively pursuing a policy of promoting the priorities of a healthy lifestyle and the development of amateur sports. The company has formed teams in hockey, tennis, volleyball, basketball, futsal. Multi-sport race competitions are held at the factory. Every year, there is a bike ride from the production site to the Palace of Culture in the Komsomolsky District.

TOAZ employees participate in city and interregional competitions, city tournaments, amateur leagues, and industry competitions. TOAZ supports the Samara Region Basketball Federation with the goal of developing this sport in the region. Under the auspices of TOAZ, a regional tournament among amateur teams is held – the Togliattiazot Samara Region Championship. Every year in the spring in Togliatti, the TOAZ 3×3 street basketball cup is held – a significant regional tournament that is gaining more and more popularity among the residents of the region. The company also acts as the general sponsor of the Samara Open basketball tournament in Samara, where more than 200 teams from all over Russia perform.


Priority is given to environmental care at PAO TOAZ; therefore, the company allocates substantial funds to environmental programs, initiates and supports numerous environmental actions, including:

  1. Actions on reproduction of biological resources, on gardening of the territory
  2. Planting of forest seedlings in Tolyatti
  3. Annual community work days, eco-rides
  4. Waste paper collection
  5. TOAZ traditionally supports the unique Samarskaya Luka National Park

Help for those in need:

Being a city-forming enterprise, TOAZ PJSC constantly supports categories of citizens in need. Such support is provided on the principles of targeting, efficiency, transparency. The company pays special attention to programs with a long-term effect and wide coverage, such as:

  1. Improvement of social and public institutions of the city
  2. Providing medical facilities with new equipment
  3. Grant program for families with adopted children
  4. Assistance to disabled children, veterans

TOAZ also implements the “Chemistry of Kindness” program, the purpose of which is to support socially and / or culturally significant initiatives aimed at solving the urgent problems of the region; development of social and / or cultural environment and involvement of the maximum number of stakeholders in the processes of improving social and cultural environment.

Palace of Culture “Togliattiazot” is a platform where bright city festive events, regional festivals and mass charity events are regularly held.

“Chemistry of the Word” is an educational project in the format of an open lecture.” is Children’s Charity initiative lead by TOAZ.

“Chemistry of Experience” is the first educational program in Russia, initiated by a large industrial enterprise, aimed at improving the qualifications of people of pre-retirement age.

“Chemistry of Kindness” is a contest for the provision of grants for the implementation of social and cultural projects.

Grant Program for Adopters of Disabled Children – within the framework of the program, TOAZ allocates funds to people who have adopted orphans; as well as children with disabilities and children without parental care, who were in organizations for orphans at the time of adoption. TogliattiAzot started an initiative to support families raising disabled children in 2014.

Scholarship program “Impulse” promotes the development of the cultural potential of Togliatti and gifted children, young musicians, musical groups and projects.

Literary orchestra – series of lectures by well-known journalists and literary critics on Russian literature, ass well as mini-performances in the unusual genre of verbatim (reading of letters and diaries of Russian writers by actors).

Portal mendeleev.infо is an affiliate project. The portal contains information about chemists, chemistry and the Periodic system.

TogliattiAzot sponsors the Tolyatti hockey club ‘Lada’, the Samara basketball club “Red Wings” and FIDE.