Tommy Robinson’s book launch hailed a success as thousands turn out


by Jacqui Tucker

Making the most of their Friday night, thousands of Tommy Robinson‘s strong followers descended on the Castlefield Bowl in Manchester for Robinson’s much anticipated book launch.

The event which went on without incident saw thousands lining up to get their signed copy of Robinson’s  “Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam.” book. This came after rumours that Greater Manchester Police had “threatened” a venue with removing their licence if they let the event go ahead leading to a last minute event change.

Whilst attendees remained composed and well behaved Eyewitness reported small groups of ‘very middle-class looking youngsters’ who were protesting against the event calling Robinson a ‘Nazi’.

Robinson who has been a spokesperson for The Rebel is set to expand his work with an in studio show dubbed “The Tommy Robinson Show”.

Greater Manchester Police deployed a high presence to the Castlefield Bowl event whilst this morning GMP declined to comment on reports they had previously tried to stop the event.