Tommy Robinson’s new book soars to no.1


Outspoken former EDL leader Tommy Robinson’s latest book has gone straight to number 1 with the critically acclaimed book earning rave reviews from hundreds of readers on social media.

The book called”Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam” has proved a hit amongst Robinson’s 362,000 strong Twitter army.

One follower took to Twitter saying “Already arrived, Many thanks to you & Peter McLoughlin for informing honesty & thoroughly the public”

This comes days after violence erupted at Robinson’s book signing in Sudnerland. Footage posted on social media showed a flare and other objects being thrown towards the shop before fighting broke out on the street.

The book is available on Amazon and other leading book retailers.

Last month Robinson met with members of Manchester’s Jewish community at a secretive event where he is believed to have outlined his extreme views on Islam in a speech.