Top 10 activities that make women happiest online


In a recent study conducted exploring the nature of internet happiness by Carphone Warehouse, they asked 2,002 UK adults to rank the online activities that make them most happy.

While the most gratifying online activity among women was “winning an eBay bid”, men stated that “online dating” gave them the most pleasure. What’s most interesting is that, among women, meeting a potential partner online didn’t even make the top ten. For women, online dating came in twentieth place, behind ordering a takeaway and managing money online.

Top 10 activities that make women happiest online


  1. Achieving the winning bid on eBay (80%)
  2. Instant messaging with friends and family (80%)
  3. Discovering online discount codes for your favourite retailers and saving lots of money (79%)
  4. Looking things up that interest you (78%)
  5. Discovering the best deal through price comparison sites: from booking hotels to finding a great insurance deal (77%)
  6. Discovering cheap fun days out from websites like Groupon (74%)
  7. Finding the perfect meme/gif and sharing it with everyone (71%)
  8. Browsing new bands/tracks through Spotify (71%)
  9. Obsessing over a new music video on YouTube and replaying it 100 times over (70%)
  10. Getting your comment retweeted or liked by someone you love or admire (69%)

To support this, Carphone Warehouse also put together an online quiz for readers to test their own levels of ‘online happiness’, as well as offered advice from leading experts in the field: