Top 5 Christmas Holidays in Europe


Don’t let the Scrooge get the better of you; now travelling is back on the cards, Christmas isn’t complete without a festive seasonal getaway! Europe is beautiful during the Winter season with its ancient architecture, Christmas choirs, and charming squares bought to life by bustling Christmas markets.

With Europe offering destinations that combine the most idyllic nature with eclectic cityscapes, there is something for everyone this Christmas season.

Are you still feeling worried about travelling? 

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Here are our top 5 Christmas holidays for Europe 


The Winter is crisp and chilly in the Czech capital of Prague. With its snow-covered cobbled alleys and breath-taking architecture, it’s like stepping into a Christmas card. Take a stroll through Prague’s Christmas markets, some of the most famous in Europe, and soak up the scents of mulled wine, their delicious cuisine, and exciting culture. Beautifully decorated wooden huts sell everything from crafts and ornaments to traditional festive foods like sugar-coated pastries.

After the markets, you can attend some of the most elegant music concerts taking place in the city’s churches and halls over Christmas.

Simply put, Prague boasts an unforgettable atmosphere at Christmas.


Cologne, also known as Köln, is most famous for its spectacular cathedral – a gothic masterpiece that stands out from the city, attracting plenty of tourists. Cologne is the birthplace of mulled wine and Christmas markets. Scattered over Cologne are several Christmas markets all uniquely themed and steeped in tradition. Regarded as some of the best in Germany, they can’t be missed! So, if you’re a fan of these festive offerings, then there is no better place to visit than the city in which it all started.


Immerse yourself in the legendary Danish cosiness of hyggelige cafes or explore the beautiful Christmas markets adorned with tasteful decoration. Whatever you get up to, the city of Copenhagen glows with a special kind of atmosphere at Christmas.

No Christmas trip to Copenhagen is complete without stopping by the world-famous Tivoli Gardens – the second oldest amusement park transformed into a winter wonderland every year. Expect show-stopping light displays, exciting rides and tonnes of market stalls to browse.


Bask in the extra doses of magical romance in Paris at Christmas time. Every corner of the city boasts its unique way of celebrating Christmas – from the infamous Champ-de-Mars Christmas Village to lively outdoor ice skating under the sparkling Eiffel Tower. Perhaps you’re more inclined to a spot of window shopping at grand magasins or sitting back and soaking up the atmosphere with a glass of vin chaud.


Ireland is an enchanting country to visit any time of the year, especially at Christmas when the streets are lit up and buzzing for festivities. Not forgetting the fantastic food scenes and Christmas markets this city has to offer. The heart of Ireland offers a fantastic culture and more cosy bars than you can manage. Nothing beats a few pints of Guinness is one of Dublin’s famous traditional pubs with live music by an open fire. Plus, tonnes of beautiful landscape to enjoy the further you head out from the city.

Dublin is closer to home than other cities on the list, making it the perfect choice for those not fond of travelling that far but wanting to get away for a long weekend.

That’s our top five Christmas holidays in Europe – where will you be heading?