Top Formula 1 grand prix in the last 20 years


“Formula 1 is not the same anymore.” We hear this phrase quite often, fans vying with each other claim that the grass used to be greener, and the air cleaner and fresher. But in the past decade, there have been a few races that can truly be called legendary. Let’s take a look at the best of them and rank them.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2012

It was in this Grand Prix that Kimi Raikkonen won his first victory after returning for one of the strongest teams in the history of Ferrari, and the Finn also said the catchphrase: “Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing!”.

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Canadian Grand Prix 2014

Incredible race in Canada and who else wins? That’s right, Daniel Riccardo! That success in Montreal was the first in his career for the young pilot of Red Bull. During the race, spectators saw many accidents, several safety cars, and the retirement of the leader, Lewis Hamilton, due to engine problems (Mercedes had previously won six races out of six). Riccardo’s company on the podium was made up of Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel. Instead of the Germans, Sergio Perez and Felipe Massa had a chance to get into the top 3, but they collided with each other shortly before the finish line.

Brazilian Grand Prix 2019

Perhaps the race in Brazil was the highlight of that season. The podium turned out to be quite unexpected. Through the efforts of Lewis Hamilton, Alexander Albon, who was second before the restart after the safety car, lost his first career podium. But this incident only helped Pierre Gasly at Toro Rosso – the Frenchman, who was spending a terrible season and lost his place in Red Bull a few months before, managed not only to rehabilitate himself for the failure but also to earn the first podium in his career. Carlos Sainz achieved a similar result – but he climbed to the podium after all the formalities, since Hamilton physically finished third, penalized after the end of the race for a collision with Albon. Thanks to his victory, the number of requests for the Ferrari rental price has increased significantly in search queries.

2018 German Grand Prix

This race was not distinguished by an unexpected outcome and an interesting podium, however, according to many, it became the beginning of the end for Sebastian Vettel. The German leader in the individual standings made a mistake after it rained over the track, which deprived him of both leadership in the championship and the chances for a long-awaited fifth title. After the home failure, Vettel could not recover, although he won the race in Belgium. The victory in Germany was celebrated by Lewis Hamilton, who started in that race from a distant 14th place. True, there was a scandal: many believed that the Briton should earn a fine for driving on the grassy area between the track and the pit lane.


Formula 1 is an event watched by millions of people around the world – a place where cars are always collected in one place, but they are difficult to buy even if you have a lot of money. It has a lot of fans because people love to participate in and watch extreme sports. Formula 1 has a high engagement rate, it cooperates with social networks and even Netflix. Therefore, we will see many more interesting moments in the race.