TOP games of the best online casinos


Nowadays, software developers regularly present their new online casino software to the online gambling market.

Among the large number of slot machines presented on the Internet resource, there are three slots that are the leaders in the rating of popularity of gambling entertainment.

These games are:

  • Plinko.
  • JetX.
  • Aviator.

Each of these games has its own peculiarities in the rules and mechanics of the slot, so before you start playing slots for real money, it is recommended to study the rules of the game and the peculiarities of the mechanics in detail. You should also familiarize yourself with the available game reviews compiled by professionals in the field of online gambling.

Plinko slot machine

Plinko is a slot machine that has gained immense popularity among a large number of gamblers.

The popularity of the slot is due to:

  • features of the mechanics;
  • simplicity of the rules;
  • the ability to control the risk and volatility of the slot;
  • a high rate of return that reaches 99%.

The plot of the slot is quite easy to understand. The principle of the game is quite simple. Players are required to launch balls from the top of the pyramid. Depending on which cells they fall into, the user’s balance changes. More detailed information about the features of the slot machine is available on the online portal

The process of plinko casino game online is characterized by dynamic music. When the balls overcome obstacles, a characteristic sound can be heard. If gamblers are annoyed by the melody, they can turn it off at any time.

The design is not bright, and the background of the game screen is blue:

  • betting history – size, time of launch;
  • payout ratio as a percentage;
  • changes in the personal balance.

On the right, you can see a pyramid with white bars. The balls fall down and fall into cells of different colors, depending on the degree of risk.

JetX slot machine

Jetx is a new generation game that has recently become very popular among a large number of online players. Its popularity is due to the use of innovative approaches and technical innovations in the development of software. This game provides an opportunity to have fun and communicate in the in-game chat. Jetix is a game in which the multiplier during the game round gradually increases in the process of taking off a small airplane. The goal of the game is to manage to leave the plane before it explodes. At the same time, you need to leave the aircraft as late as possible.

Aviator slot machine

Aviator is a non-standard game and an unusual development in the field of online entertainment:

  • non-standard gameplay;
  • relatively simple rules;
  • high-quality visual design.

In order to understand how to play Aviator, you need to study the detailed rules of the game and the mechanics of the game, as well as the features of the gameplay.The action in Aviator takes place against a minimalist dark background. At the beginning of the round, a small airplane with a propeller takes off from the lower left corner of the screen. It moves from left to right. A growing chart is displayed along the flight path. The current coefficient is shown in the center.

The round ends when the plane disappears from the game screen. You can turn off the animation. In this case, only the changing multiplier is displayed on the main screen.The main part of the screen is occupied by the playing field on which the plane moves. There are two control menus below it.


The era of online gambling is in full swing and new games are constantly appearing on the gambling market. Players are becoming more and more spoiled, and it is more difficult for providers to present something unique. Nevertheless, modern gambling is also creating its own masterpieces and recognizing the best slot machines that visitors stay at for the longest time.Making a slot popular is a primary task for a manufacturer, as it demonstrates its competitiveness, ability to understand what the gambling market consumer needs and deliver the necessary product to him.

For a player, information about the popularity of a slot machine remains important, because such games are more interesting to spend time in. The most important thing is that such slot machines are more likely to offer big wins. The more people play a slot, the more money it accumulates, and thus, it will return more according to its RTP.