Top Reasons to Consider Multi-car Insurance


Motoring can be a costly pursuit. On top of the upfront cost of the vehicle, we must also consider the ongoing costs associated with it. Fuel, maintenance, and interest payments – they can all accumulate.

To minimise the expense, it’s worth shopping around in search of the best possible deals and products. Where insurance is concerned, this might mean using multi-car insurance rather than the traditional sort.

What is multicar insurance, and how does it work?

A multi-car insurance policy like ทะเบียนรถ as you might gather, covers more than one car with a single policy. It’s often – though not exclusively – attractive to households with multiple drivers.

Multi-car insurance can offer a number of benefits. Let’s consider a few of them.

Can be cheaper

One of the biggest draws for this variety of insurance is the discount that you enjoy. You might find that your premium comes in at hundreds of pounds less than the cost of many separate policies. If you’ve been given a quote for separate policies, then it’s worth checking again – it might be that you can negotiate a more attractive premium if you’re willing to insure multiple vehicles with the same provider.

Of course, multi-car policies differ in price, not just from single-car policies, but from one another, too. It’s therefore worth checking the market and seeing whether you really are getting the best possible deal.

More drivers, better savings

We should note here that the more drivers named on the policy, the better the deal will tend to be. It makes financial sense for the insurer to incentivise the entire household into signing up, since, in the long term, brand loyalty tends to push new customers toward sticking with what they know.

It’s worth resisting this instinct, however. Shop around where possible when the time for a renewal comes around.


A multi-car insurance policy tends to be much easier to think about and deal with than several separate policies might be. You only need to renew once, rather than several times. Moreover, if you’re moving several cars onto a single policy, then you won’t have to worry about them all lapsing at different times – your insurer will typically arrange for cover during the interim period, so that everything can roll over simultaneously.

Your no-claim bonus won’t be affected

Just because you’re moving your policy into a new multi-car alternative doesn’t mean that you’ll have to start your no-claims bonus from zero. The no-claims bonus, after all, applies to the driver rather than the vehicle.

This can make a significant difference, since no-claims discounts can be substantial once you’ve been driving for a few years. If you want to pay a little extra, then you might be offered the chance to protect your no-claims bonus.