Transforming Your Kitchen into a Modern Space


Think about how much time you spend in the kitchen. From cooking meals to making cups of tea – it should be a room that brings you comfort. If you’ve been feeling frustrated in your kitchen, it could be a time for a change. There are lots of ways you can transform your kitchen into a more modern space.  No matter your budget, you can give the room a new lease of life.

Sort Out Storage

An important aspect of achieving a modern kitchen aesthetic is minimalism. This is easier said than done. Once you start sorting through your storage, you’ll be surprised by how stuff fits into your cupboards. Decluttering and keeping things neat is key for an organised, modern, kitchen. Hanging shelves can be a game-changer for this. They look great, but also give you easy access to the things you use the most. Make sure to use an impact driver to solidly fit the shelving to the kitchen walls, so they’re sturdy and ready to store your essentials.

Consider Upgrades

An obvious solution for making your kitchen more modern is to invest in brand-new appliances with companies such as Grain and Frame on hand with options. However, your budget plays a huge factor in this. If you think your whiteware is completely beyond repair and it would be cheaper to get a new appliance than get your current one fixed it’s probably time to start looking. Or perhaps you want a more energy-efficient model? Be sure to dispose of your old appliances carefully, and make sure you’re upgrading for the right reasons.


Let’s delve further into an eco-friendly kitchen. Sustainability is set to be on-trend for modern kitchens for the foreseeable future. When thinking of changes to make in your kitchen, be sure to incorporate eco-friendly elements. There’s plenty of variations you can try. For instance, you can use furniture made from recycled materials. Or a simple, but highly effective, addition to your kitchen could be a boiling water tap. It’s sophisticated and energy-efficient. Small, sustainable, changes like this can make your kitchen immediately feel more modern.


A kitchen transformation does not have to break the bank. Even simple touches can give the space an entirely new feel. Painting your kitchen is a simple way to transform the room. Need some modern colour ideas for your kitchen? Teal, navy and violet are popular palettes. Pick colours that make you happy. It’s not just the walls you can revamp either. Painting your cabinets a different colour can give them a whole new lease of life.

There are plenty of ways to give your kitchen a modern makeover. From sorting out your storage to making the space more sustainable. Your kitchen should reflect your personal tastes. Do you have any top tips for transforming a kitchen?