TRANSLYFT: Lifting Tables for Various Industries


Lifting equipment can handle loads (tens to thousands of kilograms) that an individual employee cannot, raising or lowering them to a particular height. TRANSLYFT is a Danish company that produces lifting tables, such as work platforms and scissor lifts for a multitude of applications across industries.

There are various ways in which lifting tables can assist in the workplace, from aiding employees in reaching high shelves to transporting packages. The right solution is available regardless of the process it is needed for, from reception and dispatch to production and assembly. These high-quality lifting products can be delegated to small or large spaces and reduce employee injuries related to heavy lifting: meaning they improve ergonomics and employee health.

TRANSLYFT: Practical, Durable and Cost Saving

Some industries that can benefit from TRANSLYFT devices include pharmaceutical, food, automotive and construction. This flexibility is made possible by TRANSLYFT’s certifications to manufacture within strict sanitation requirements.

Scissor lifting tables are a common form of lifting platform; they can extend for practical usage and collapse to be easily stored. Scissor lifts are versatile, generally used in construction and maintenance to elevate employees and their tools, but they can also be used to lift packages in any industry. Some scissor lifts can be mounted directly onto the floor and are ideal for interaction with forklifts. TRANSLYFT offers several other kinds of lifting equipment as well, from lifting trolleys to pallet lifters.

All lifting platforms from TRANSLYFT are available in a stainless-steel version; it is a durable, corrosion-free materialthat can endure thorough cleaning. In the food and pharmaceutical industries in particular, hygiene is a major concern during all stages of the manufacturing and shipping process. TRANSLYFT can address this concern with a hygienic lifting table design, that is easy to clean and reliable structurally. In fact, the TRANSLYFT website denotes up to 50% savings in cost and time for cleaning.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Every industry has specific requirements for its tools and machinery, which is why TRANSLYFT offers tailor-made solutions so that the client’s needs are met. They are striving to find the most effective way to move goods to and from transport vehicles, which relates to how an evenness in level between a loading bay and the product under transport can optimise loading time taken. Production can additionally be streamlined with the assistance of a comfortable height foremployees to work at and repetitive, risky heavy lifting inpackaging can be minimised with the right solution.

TRANSLYFT strives to focus on the individuals that use the machines and how their work experiences can be bettered: a safe, productive balance between man and machine.TRANSLYFT meets all ATEX (devices intended for use in explosive atmospheres) directives and only constructs explosion-proof designs.

This text is sponsored, but that does not erase TRANSLYFT’s 50 years of design and manufacturing experience, nor the validity of the rest of the points made. We recommend you read more about lifting tables and their benefits on the company site: