TV chef Aldo Zilli cooks up a storm for homeless young people in Wandsworth


Celebrity chef Aldo Zilli has been cooking and delivering meals to homeless young people living at Centrepoint’s hostels in Wandsworth this month.

Zilli has been working with the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity, Centrepoint, since 2012, and has a personal link to homelessness, after he lived on the streets for a month and a half during his teenage years.

For the homeless young people living at Centrepoint’s hostels in Wandsworth, these food deliveries couldn’t have come at a better time. Food insecurity is already a widespread problem amongst vulnerable young people, especially after the festive period.

Aldo Zilli said:

“It’s such a privilege to cook for these young people and know that we’re able to provide them with a nutritious meal with good quality ingredients at a time when they otherwise might not get a chance to eat like this. Having been homeless myself I know how important each meal is when you’re struggling to put food on the table so I hope these dinners take away some stress and spread a little enjoyment too.”